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God said:

What is all this pre and aft? What is this non-meaning of time as if time were marbles tossed before you? What is it exactly that you believe you must hold onto as if for Dear Life. There is nothing you have to keep and hold onto except as you say so. It is safe to say that there is nothing that you must hold onto.

We can just as well say that Life is for the ever-passing by of it. In fact, it does seem that Life cannot be held in place or held onto whatsoever. Life is passing by as We speak. We accompany Life until Life scoots on. Is Life a when or a where or is it neither anyway.

Life seems to be a passage, sometimes longer or shorter. Somehow, Life hangs together, even as Life seems to some kind of Configuration around Life abutting it as if Life mattered most of all. It sure seems to. Life has certainly been for the pondering of it. Nevertheless, you scratch your head plenty. What is the meaning of it all?

It is too difficult to imagine there is no meaning to Life. Somehow you do know that Life and the People in your Life matter. Life is for something. It cannot be for nothing. Cannot be. Under no circumstances can there be no meaning to Life. Life has to be far more than water over the bridge. Anyone must know that.

Life does not have to be documented and justified. No one has to hang on to meaning or make something poetic of Life, or do you? Yes, you have to know there is meaning to Life even as meaning parries itself and not quite pass you by. You do know that the meaning of Life rests on People. There is something about People you can’t quite put your finger on. A Landscape is groundbreaking, yet People must be the upshot of it all.

In Life, there is something vast and important shared even when you don’t know how to quantify or qualify it.

Absolutely, there is something absolutely amazing about Life that flies around you or you fly through even as you don’t quite land. You haven’t quite figured it out to your satisfaction.

Oh, yes, how you would like to know all the answers. Life does seem to be a passing fancy, yet you do demand that Life be a Force worth reckoning with. You so desire Life to be worth a Great Ado even as you can’t quite see what you’ve got while it’s in your hand. You realize that Life is definitely worth Hallelujah even as you can’t quite put your finger on what this could be. You insist your Life have a Grand Reckoning. You want to have affected the world significantly even as you can’t quite imagine what kind of an Errand you have actually been on.

Still, it is of considerable interest to you that you do pass muster, whatever this might mean or not mean. It would be intolerable to think that your passing this way was only a short holiday. You cannot tolerate living a Life without great consequence. You will not allow this journey to have been for nothing or nothing less than something wonderful.

There has to be Gold to Life and to your specific Life. Life cannot be for nothing. Life must be for something worthy in words you can understand and feel good about. There just must be a Great Point to this Mysterious Infinity, and you want to know what it is across the board with no ands, ifs, and buts. You refuse that your Life be deemed meaningless. Almighty God exists, and you exist. At the very least, you are created for each other. You must be entwined forevermore.

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