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God said:

How’re you doing today? What’s your horoscope? That is, what I mean is, not really your horoscope. I mean: What are you gearing yourself up for today? How are you going to capitalize on Today and more than that, make Today the best day of your Life. Chum, let’s go for the Gold!

Let’s go for a glowing day today. A baseball over the fence day. A Glory Day. The very best day so far in the Midst of Your Glory-filled Days. A Bonanza Day. A Day of Hand over Fist. A Day of Sunshine. A Day of Insight. An Outstanding Day. A Day of Dreams Coming True right in front of your eyes. A Heart-warming Day. The Best Day Ever.

Why not? While you are at it, do some somersaults. Limber up.

A New Kind of Day. Spring has sprung, and you are young. What a Day. Life is Play. Let’s have some fun under the Sun.

Let’s fly high on the occasion of Today.

The pay-off for today is hats-off.

This a day to be remembered for its Wonders.

This a day to set a trend of Joy right and left.

This is a day to make well of. Heigh ho.

This a day to let go of symptoms. That is, unless We’re talking about symptoms of Joy. Mount them up. Joyful Days, Here We Come.

No longer do you sit on the fence. Today you leap over the Moon. You peek over the stars. The stars are medals I pin to your jacket. Know your merit. You are a star in your own right. There are no nights that are not starry-eyed.

There are no lacks for a sentinel to report. Every star ends in diamond points. You pluck diamonds from the stars and you toss the diamonds to the High Heavens. You toss yourself along with the stars, and you land exactly where My Heart is. You cannot miss.

Today and this evening are that kind of Prize, aren’t they, aren’t you?

Hey, you whirl the stars. You discover you are a star that shines to brighten the Universe. Good going, Kid.

You know Whose Light you shine, Beautiful? You cheer the Heavens and all the Glory in Heaven and on Earth. You sing to beat the band. You are the band. You are the music sung and all the music not as yet sung. You are the Universe you celebrate. Celebrate today. Take the roof off the sky. Take your hat off like a ceiling. There is no distance between you and starlight. Your eyes reflect the stars. Your eyes are stars in the firmament. There are no dimmers. There are no weights to carry, or they are weightless like True Love unlabeled, and that’s all there is, Love ever mounting in the Sky for all to see like a new Sunrise or Sunset.

Who can really tell Sunrise or Sunset apart out of context. They both just risen as you are risen. You have reached the peak. You are the Sun that shines. You are the revelation you reveal. You are a torrent of Love. You blast Love all over the place, inseparable from the Love you are. I flung you Heavenward for all to see and all to be.

Where did you journey to? What happened to loneliness and all that which used to be called pain and suffering? Where do they hide now that they are no longer your medium, and you are no longer caught in their web?

Now you fly into My Heart. Disguise and pretense have flown the coop in exchange for a day like today. No more substitutes. Now full-fledged days fresh from Heaven for the Glory of All.

Come right up. Help yourself to this unprecedented day. It is all yours which means it is all Ours, One on One.

Three cheers. Hail, hail, the dawn has come.

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