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God said:

Do you want to be attuned to the world or to Me? Be attuned to Me, and you will attune the world. You will shift the cadence of the world. It is through you that I work. It is through you that I shine. You reflect Me. You are the reflector of My light. What would My works be without you?

That is not much that I ask of you. If you were a wheel, and I set you at the top of a hill, and I said, Roll, you would comply without hesitation. In fact, you could only roll. No effort required.

And so I tell My children who are lights, Shine!

Do not resist My instruction, and you will shine. You shine for Me. You shine on My behalf because I ask you to.

Do not wait for Me to light you. You have already been lit. You do not even have to hear My instruction, for it is natural for you to shine. You have heeded other instruction that said you were not worthy of the light you are. Not worthy of My light? Someone else knows more than I do? And you have listened to them. Alas, you have listened to the ignorant.

I established your worth long ago. Your worth and My light within you are inseparable. I would not make a mistake of where I put My light. So it is My worth you question. My very existence is sometimes questioned. But no matter, I exist. I more than exist. I AM. I AM Being. And that is what you are as well.

Your worth does not change.

Your perception of your worth changes.

Your perception needs to change more.

You need to accept your worth.

Your worth is beyond perception.

Your worth is Truth.

A light is a light.

Whatever machinations go on to hide it, light is nevertheless still light. It needs no announcement. It just needs to be free to shine.

I tell you that you are My Light. And you say, humbly-seeming, “Oh, no, God, I am not Your light. I am nothing.”

I say to you, “You are nothing but My light.”

You say, “Well, maybe some day.”

I say, “Now.”

And you think that God is nice but sorely mistaken.

Make no mistake about it, you are My light, and it is time that you shine the truth of Who you are.

The One Truth you have denied, and you have bought everything else. You have been jolly with your purchase of falsehood. You have smiled through tears, and wept in joy, and you have called pain joy, and joy pain.

Come to a clearing with Me. Come to a place where you leave everything but Truth behind. Come to a Golden Palace made of Light, and you will finally see yourself as you are. You will see Truth.

You need to see My light before you can acknowledge your own. I certainly don’t need your approbation. I don’t need you to build Me up. I don’t need your attention. My sense of worth is not dependent upon you.

But your sense of worth is dependent upon Me. Whom else can you depend on? Not your perception, but My truth. You need to see Me so you can see Who you are. You need to gain awareness. There is nothing else for you to gain.

All you have to do is to notice My light in you and to let it shine all of itself. You do not even have to turn on a switch. It is already on. You just have to open your eyes. You are not blind. You have merely closed your eyes. And you thought you were surrounded by darkness.

But you are the Light.

Feel My light within you.

It wants to shine.

It burgeons its way through your cobwebs.

It breaks through.

My light in you shines out.

Deny it no longer.

Accept that you are Light.

Let yourself be what you are.

Attune to yourself.


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