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God said:

Yes, you are right. I want to say something to you. Something I have wanted to say for a long time and yet you were not quite ready to hear. Today you are. Or if you are not, then I give it to you ready or not.

I want to say you have nothing important to do. I said nothing, not something.

Is that disappointment or relief?

You have nothing important to do.

You have something important to BE, and that is who you are right now, not as somebody else, and not as someone different, but you as you are right now. For right now you are everything you are meant to be. And this is what you deny to yourself and to the world.

You deny your allrightness.

You deny your presentness.

You deny your presence in the scheme of things.

There is nothing you have to do, but to be a receiver of Me. This is your task. This is your mission. To hear God. Not for God to hear you, but for you to hear God.

Do you see what a switch that makes in your Consciousness? You are here for Me. You hear for Me. Not for yourself, but for Me.

Does this put the shoe on the other foot? Now you know what you are here for. You have been under a misunderstanding, and now you have a profound understanding. Understanding is a foundation. Now you have a Foundation of Truth.

You are My sentiment. I am not yours.

You are My follower. I am not yours.

And yet I follow you everywhere.

And the time comes that you hear Me. And that time has come. And you pick yourself up, and you follow Me right to the Heavens where you have always belonged. Now you know. Now you know how to listen for My call, and you know how to answer it.

Just say, “Father, I am coming to you. I heed You. I listen for Your call, and this is how I hear you. I listen.

“Father, You have always listened to me. You have heard my childhood plaints. And now You have initiated me into awareness of Your Will, and by Your Will, You have brought me before You. I stand before You today. This very day, I stand before You. Here I am.”

Beloveds, do you sense Me right before you?

Do you sense My gaze on you?

Now let your eyes meet Mine for so We are meant to be. Your gaze and My gaze, One. Your life and Mine, One. Your dreams and My dreams, One. My heart and your heart, One. And so, your heart can only hold joy to it, for, as I am, are you. You behold Me. It isn’t that you beholden to Me. You behold Me and you wish to be held at My bosom and you wish to hear My heart beat One with yours, and so it does. And so it does. You are Mine.


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