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With each passing day I sense and tap into more information regarding what is happening for us now. Here’s a few more thoughts on the upcoming changes and how we can proceed through them with ease and success.

What is happening now, and in this conversation, is that my greater self sounds and feels
more and more like me.  So, this will be written in one voice to all of us.

It will be like the blink of an eye. Surreal and then everything changes. This is real.

It is a joining and recognition of all of you. Every component. This gives you your full force.

These coming times will not feel easy. They will be confusing and could appear frightening.  You know better.  It is why you are here now.

This event will come through and be experienced as a crystallization of love.  It will be a visual  and cerebral experience, felt and understood and seen.  Yet, almost forgotten as if in a  dream for those of you unprepared for such an occurrence.  It is not something you will  find “in your wheelhouse” as the current expression goes.

No one can predict exactly how it will feel for you or what it will look like for you. Each
perspective defines its own experience.

Yet what will be universally grasped is the import of what has occurred. It happens in the same instant for all of you.

Some of you will be asleep when it occurs and will remember it as a dream.

All of your earth-bound systems are affected by this.

It is the real starting point of your rapid acceleration towards your higher frequency earth. It starts as a surprise.  You cannot prepare more than you are. This means to focus on love, unity, peace, compassion and light.

You have come (empirical you) to anchor the light here. It is done. This does not imply
that your work is complete and that you will be leaving now. The anchoring took a herculean effort by many. It is what had to happen in order for the shift to finally and absolutely be initiated. It has happened.

What you can do now is to spread love where you are and beyond. Visualize yourselves as beacons for light and keep yourselves turned on.

Now is not the time to focus on the “enemy”. It is clear enough who that is. No.

Now is the time to focus on the light.

Anything you can do, (and by this I mean everything you can do), to tune your dial to the
maximum setting, full volume, for every supportive emotion you can muster, do it. In every thought. In every conversation. In every action.

Doing this will only help you and in turn, help everyone you are connected to.

Right now, you are putting yourselves in the best place to proceed successfully through these coming alterations.

Trust your intuition.  Move decisively and with love.

You have this in your plan. It has been there always. Trust.

Let yourself go with the flow. This is the main message and it concerns your health issues
(if there are any right now) also. When you notice resistance – stop.

Look at what it is you are resisting. Reconsider. Come up with a new approach.  Allow.

These are the methods that will create ease for you while going through the event and
more to the point, after.

Because, you see, this event is beautiful and beyond explanation. Yet, it stands as the starting point for something even more-so.

This will be an entire life of beauty beyond current explanation.

This life, this world, will be and is already, one that you create. For it is in the creation of our life that the real fun lies.

You are not here as branches in the wind, who just happened to be planted in the right
place and time to feel this extraordinary happening. No.

You are the planters of trees. Putting them in perfect alignment and with grace so that
something exquisite grows and remains.

Creation is your gig.

This event is excellent fertilizer for your new earth.

You are doing fine.

You are the ones. You have anchored the light. It is done.

With gratitude for all that you are,

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  1. A beautiful post, my dear ❤

    I like the words "alterations," and "planters of trees." It feels like something truly exquisite will soon open up, will son burst forth 🙂

    Love & much Light to you All ❤

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