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God said:

Beloveds, where do you meander today? Do you you go along as you hear the Sun call to you or the birds sing to you, or the spheres of the Universe, or are you led by the Stars or by the singing of the Sirens, or you know not where or how you are called?

Do you follow a momentum already begun? Do you just take off as a puppy might and race through the fields? Wherever the scents lead you, you are glad.

Today leads you somewhere. If you are an eagle high in a nest, you don’t worry about falling off a cliff or making a wrong turn.

Why then would a Human Being fear to fly when I am your Guide at your side?

The foolishness you get into are your thoughts wandering and weaving in and around. Let your Heart lead you to Me and our Mutual Fulfillment. Of course, as I say this, My Fulfillment is never a question. From My Perch, neither is yours.

You don’t require a precise map in order to reach where you are going even when you don’t know where you are going. You don’t have to appraise your life ahead of time except to know that your life is your Bounty and Mine. You can know that We fly High. We will knowingly reach Our Fulfillment.

There is not a moment when the Vastness of My Heart is not instantly being filled with more and more. This is how to spontaneously fill your Heart with or without fair notice.

Here We are Godwriting together, Ms. Gloria, and who is Who and by what name are We called?

I ask:

“Whither do We wander? Whose Woods are these We walk in?”

I say, “These Woods belong to All once and for all. On Earth as in Heaven, We cohabit as One.”

Are you certain Who is speaking? I AM sure. It’s fine for you to go out on a limb, for, of course, this is a metaphor. The Earth is a limb, so to speak. The Earth may seem shaky to you. Remember that I hold up the Earth. The Earth is in My Hands, and so are you.

I wove the Universe. I wove the Universe and you in perfect hand stitches. You and I are One inseparable, and so are you and the Universe, including Heaven and Earth and the Firmament and the Sun and the Moon and Stars. Wherever We look, Oneness is looking at Itself.

How Creative I am, and so are you.

What a day this is. What an Adventure as One We are on. Beloveds, We have hardly begun, although We always have been hand in hand swinging Our arms and exulting in the Miracles of Love and Life.

Yes, of course, for some of the imagined time you may well have been distracted by details.

From the wilderness, how can a dog born on Earth from ages old be prompted to ride in a car with his head out the window, breathing in the air, taking it in with joy wherever the car takes him? This is amazing how a dog in a car on Earth rides as if a car is his natural habitat on Earth and to so enjoy the ride that he wants to have his beloved ride every day? Is a dog on Earth truly a dog from Earth or is he from somewhere else far vaster?

If a dog is vaster than where he is planted, what are you but vaster than all the limits and details that you roll around in?

May you also look out open windows and love your ride.

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