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God said:

Many, many arguments seem to be a stage-play presented before you to prove step by step how unfairly-treated you have been and still are, how no one would ever put up with being treated this way. No one can treat you like this. You will not have it, and God doesn’t like it either, so then, for a while, in your thoughts, you accept fully that you were trifled with, as if, at least for the time being, there is nothing else you can do about it.

Beloved, must you learn so well from a world that you so righteously object to? No more, Beloved, never again.

How you may disbelieve in lesser ways of thinking. How expertly like a virtuoso, you pick up negative thinking and are good at it. Then what have you done but herald the very same ways of thinking, as if there is nothing else in the world to do but to retaliate and show them, all the “thems” in the world who didn’t value you enough. And so you become learn-ed in being less than the Truth you are here on Earth for.

It’s as if you now feel strong and must “show them” for once and for all. You’ll show them. You show them and yourself that you know better how life should be and will rise up. Instead, you may give away all your right thinking.

Let Me tell you that you do not see at all. You borrow hurtfulness and anchor ire in your heart and call yourself smart.

Beloved, what on Earth do you think you are doing to abuse your heart and leave a black and blue mark there called anger and stay bitter and call yourself valorous? No more weakening yourself.

You are not a kindergartner who says: “He started it.”

Be a benefactor who says: “How do I find a way to restore good feelings?”

If you truly want to feel appreciated, which is exactly what the so-called other who is yourself is feeling, start feeling benign. Someone has to. Let’s start with you. Remember Who you are. Oceans of Love will reveal themselves to you.

Rather, you will reveal the New Truth of yourself not as hurtful but as One who heals not through anger but by rising above and healing yourself before another.

Make Me proud of you and be and live all that I say you are. What would a Great Spiritual One do? Certainly, He would bless the world and remember Who He truly is – God on Earth. Surely, you didn’t think you were some kind of ne’er do well.

Remember Me as I remember you, and lift the world high as you are given to do. You are not to rage on Earth. You are to bring peace. You are to plant the Garden of Eden on Earth and tend to its fields. What were you thinking? Yes, I see you were not thinking. You were busy being irate.

No more.

Be My Power and the Glory. This is Our contract.

Want to know what anger amounts to? It amounts to running away.

And what are you running away from but from the Truth of Yourself? In anger, you are hiding out under the cover of a wild creature when the Truth is that you are naught but an Emissary of God. What I Am, you are, if only you will shake loose from anything less.

You are meant to live with Me and use My Seal and refresh love in the world once and forever, so say I.

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