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God said:

Certainly, you see the difference between being downright unhappy and not being happy, yes, do you see it?

I suppose there is also something equivalent to being HAPPY or just being happy enough or fairly happy or with a modicum of happiness on any one day. Cannot any amount of happiness fulfill you on any one day? Do you have to be a peak winner every day of the week?

It’s okay to laugh where you are called to. There is no requirement to laugh all day. You can laugh or not according to your realization of any particular day.

You don’t always have to go around exclaiming for joy about a day, or you may if you choose. Any day can be an extraordinarily happy day, or a day can be called plain happy, or even comme ci or comme ça.

What do you ask of life any day in the week? Can every day’s quotient of happiness be measured to fit you? What gain in doing so can there be? Can there not be a range of happiness? In any case, you have as much right to happiness as anyone.

There can be a state of happiness called HAPPY or HAPPY or happy. Cannot the actual quotient of a day satisfy? Must each day’s share of happiness be staggering? If you think so, what makes you think so? What is the advantage to extraordinary? Cannot ordinary walking-along happiness do well?

One day you reach a peak of 100% happiness. Can a share beneath that also be acceptable or even well-met? Do you have to go to a ball every evening? Must you have to win a bonanza five or more days a week in order to feel you are in God’s graces? Can your lucking out one day a week or month also carry merit?

Sayings are not happy, like hot and cold – this is a relative judgment. There is a wide range. Does a specific estimate of happiness have to be toted up? Does your happiness have to be rated the way a top movie does, or cannot it not still be great?

I ask you not to require a dazzling white Christmas. Christmas can just be Christmas as it is on any day of the week. Thank God for all bounty that comes your way. Be happy with what your day brings. You don’t have to be attached to a particular day as to how it appears or doesn’t appear. Any day can be its own happiness as it comes. You have the remains of your day. This day is as much yours as the most popular day in the year.

Be happy. Be happy with cloud or Sun. Be happy to live today. Be happy without sequins. Be happy even when the Sun doesn’t shine. What you receive or do not receive isn’t the determiner of your value. If you live under God’s Light today, big or small. Cannot good enough be good enough? Where is it said that you have to have a bushel of happiness on one day or another bushel on another inn order to smile?

Look, you do sit at the King’s Table. You have all the benefits of the King’s Cuisine. You don’t require to be fed tidbits from the King’s fingers at will. The King is feeding you from one day to another. Long live the King, and long live you, full-knowing that the King loves your presence. All is well, all is splendid, or all is well enough for this one glorious day under the Sun.

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