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As you begin to understand more of your world and what is happening to it, there comes yet another awareness; people you know may present themselves as something they are not.  Earlier, it was mentioned that transparency will be one of the keys to your growth and learning.  While you are making a concentrated and conscious effort to be transparent, others will not.  This does not mean that you must automatically distrust all you encounter.  It does mean that with your growth, you have gained a heightened awareness, an early warning system, guiding you to those who are of like mind and pointing you away from those who are not.  The Universe has and always will direct you in a way that works in your highest and best, for the highest and best.  Listen, watch and pay close attention to what your heart is saying.  It will never lead you astray. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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