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God said:

Beloved, to what do you devote your time and energy? Sometimes, perhaps too often, to toil and trouble, sorry to say. No go in the direction in which you truly want to devote your mind and heart.

Beloved, and I mean, Beloved, does it make sense to divert your attention to what you don’t want in the first place? I ask you not to carry a sense of dread about what might be coming up in your life and the world you happen to live in. What possible advantage can there be in this for you?

Yes, soon or late, so-called death awaits you and awaits your loved ones. To your sodden heart, this is sorrowful news beyond measure. It must not be allowed – I understand that this is the way you see it, yet I am asking you, what possible virtue can there be in your mourning ahead of time? Simply, you don’t know how to desist. You seem to be held captive by the idea.

When it hasn’t rained yet, for what purpose would you carry a big black umbrella before the actual occasion?

Beloved, must the thought of pulling up a chair in Heaven for you or a loved one present its entry to you as a somber event? Leaving Earth offers up more than doom. Beloved, there is more than one color to choose from in your pencil box. In fact, there is a whole line-up of colors. Help yourself.

Permit me to tell you that all is well. In truth, there are greater glorious possibilities than you dare dream of. The water is fine. All is well. Let go of your fears. You are going to be happy, very happy. There is gold waiting for you, yes, for you and your loved ones.

Even in the world, when you move out of one apartment, soon you begin to live your new life in your new quarters. It may take a little getting used to. Or it may not. You live in your new home now. You sure can’t bring the old place along with you. No longer are you concerned with repairs or redecorating of the old place. You have a new place now to paint and a new garden to plant. To think of your new garden pours happiness upon you.

From the vantage of Heaven, there is no cause for sadness. You do live in a fortuitous new land now, and your garden grows new fruit now. The Sun still grabs you to shine on.

Wherever in the world you happen to inhabit now, every thought you have and every sound you hear influences you. Every bird call zings your heart. Every word has its vibration that affects you. In your song dictionary, the word tonight and the word spell take longer than the word but. But cuts itself off short. Each word has its sounds and syllables and its influence.

There is nothing where you live that is inconsequential to you. Sun and snow have their own vibrations. Big city or little town, dry or moist, all words paint their own portraits as do the illusory when and where and how come.

One view of life is that nothing is as it seems. Another view may be, oh, yes, everything is just what it seems, take it or leave it, yet, in habit, you may ask again and again. With all the fullness of your heart, you feel duty-bound to know for sure. Beloved, let go of all this pre-knowing and put aside the idea of forestalling what may come.

All you really need to know is to live in this moment right now as a bird on the wing. A bird does not have to ask ahead of time for a date on which he is to fly south before winter or about anything at all.

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