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God said:

Beloved, life may indeed seem mixed up to you, as if life is one log-jam after another, or pages mis-numbered, or life fallen through the cracks. As hard as it may be for you to really see this, life as it appears, does come down the chute as it is meant to. As you may see it, this is easy to say yet not always believable.

There are so many physical accidents tallied in the world every day, you truly wonder how I can maintain that there are no mistakes. How this can be, and yet I maintain there are no mistakes. Still, of course, you wonder, hand over heart, how I can say this?

From your personal view, this certainly makes no sense whatsoever. No sense at all.

At the same time, of course, you do see the sense of not trying to change what has already happened and that which no one has been able to change back. Surely, no one has the sad right to trespass onto an elementary school property and hurt little children and their teachers. This cannot be right, yet it has happened. You wish that you could see any goodness and mercy here or anything good at all to make of this.

You see mayhem and weeping and disbelief. Goodness knows you have tried to figure out how to understand the un-understandable.

You may see evidence of courage and heroism appear from tragedy, nevertheless, this is too hard. You carry some kind of moral compass that gives you the credibility to pray that this mayhem never ever happen again anywhere to anyone.

You do confess that one size does not fit all yet see that your heart has tightened. You have not found the mercy in your heart to forgive others for their trespasses. You may wish, with all your heart, those who kill no longer revel in their acts. As far you can bend is to ask Me to have mercy on their souls.

Beloved, you regret, with all your heart, any and all unacceptable pain that those who hurt others must have experienced themselves, and you are sorry.

How happy you would be to see all children frolicking in meadows to their hearts’ content, weaving garlands and singing ring around the rosies. May all childhoods be enriched and no mother mourn for her children ever again. May you and everyone know compassion for all who ache for it.

There is no age suitable at which children and their mothers are to lament.

Beloved, it’s not that you want Me, God, to suffer over such matters in the world, though you do wish that I would remove all this sort of thing from the face of the Earth. I understand that you believe that if I could do so without messing up the mechanics of the Universe, then I would. I understand you are not calling Me to the table to explain Myself. You would spare Me from being on the carpet at your feet.

From your point of view, you empathize that I carry a heavy load. I remind you that I carry the Light. Deep down you also know I give you everything. Still, you do not yet fully understand why life is as somber at it seems to be when I am at the wheel and that I wish to give and teach compassion, even to the ends of the Earth.

Beloved, it is not I Who has to increase My compassion, but everyone on Earth. Then, We will join hands, and My Will be done on Earth as in Heaven.

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