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God said:

Beloved, here We are again with a dawning Heavenletter. Heavenletters pop up as they do, and something wonderful is at hand. Every day dawns and every day a Heavenletter or more emerges. I might even say Heavenletters are born or transcribed from the Magnificent Silence and burst into view and give you peeks of Truth without cease. We are dealing with great material, the materials, so to speak, that miracles are born of. Hmm, when a miracle happens every day, can it still be called a miracle?

Yes, I would say so. I have said so!

“What occurs on Earth that is not a miracle?” I will say this again: “What is not a miracle that occurs on Earth – whether it is to your liking or not?”

I will also add: “What new miracles are about to be born that you may not have thought of before?”

The world will never run out of honest-to-God miracles.

What sweet-scented hyacinth that rises in springtime is not a miracle? What perky dandelion that digs its roots between a slim crack in the sidewalk not a pure-gold miracle? What raindrop? What songbird is not a miracle?

Miracles are without cease. There is no pause to miracles.

That you get up in the morning is a miracle. That you fall asleep at night is a miracle. That I paint a golden sunrise every morning and another golden sunset every evening – are you trying to tell me that I am not an artist of the greatest artistry second to none?

Is a miracle less miraculous because it abounds every moment of every day? Does a miracle have to be once in a lifetime?

What is not a miracle when the Sun shines and there is music and laughter, and God is?

I could ask you how you can ever stop dancing for joy. What a miracle you are in the midst of life right now as We speak!

What is next?

Every smile is new and like a Sun coming out.

Tell Me, please, and how come the Sun is yellow and the Moon is white?

Science may technically explain things, yet can anyone really explain how one kind of bird sings the songs he does? How was the song chosen? Who made one bird look like a red robin and another look like a penguin? Who decided on red raspberries and blue blueberries? Who thought of the names of berries and the tastes of them? How were red roses fashioned and universally loved?

How were toes created, and how does everything fit as it does?

It must be a miracle that the sky is blue and the grass is green. Simply the existence of miracles offers happiness enough to last a lifetime. By what right does anyone on Earth have the preposterousness to be bored!? Who first dreamed a dream?

Who invented playing cards and then all the games fashioned from them? Who invented tatting and knitting and crocheting?

Who had the first bite of a blueberry scone melting with hot butter?

How and when did it become accepted to fear for life?

In the world, are miracles also relative to each other like everything else in the world?

How did Cain possibly kill Abel, and how is it that this story has never been forgotten?

How does it happen that anything you want to remember can be forgotten? And how is that you can remember anything at all?

Will wonders never cease?

Must there be dust to clean forever and ever?

How did it ever catch on that everyone has to come up with money? And how will you come up with some tomorrow?

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