What Matters to You When the Sun Sets? | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, what you say and what you mean are to be a matched set. Speak truth. Say what you mean or not say it. You are not to wiggle-waggle out of what you say. Be clear with yourself, and be clear with others. Be certain that all on Earth are able to take you at your word and not be taken aback. Believe yourself. Make every word you say have a foundation, or don’t say it. Hear Me.

Everyone knows the saying: “Talk is cheap.” Everyone knows the meaning of these three words.

I repeat: “Mean what you say loud and clear, or don’t say it.” No two ways about it.

Value what you say, for your word is your bond. If your word is not your bond, then your word is sketchy.

Which of the following slogans might you cross-stitch to hang on your wall to bless all who pass through your portals?

Life is too short for inaccurate speech, do you agree?

Speak what is true, or speak not at all.

The truth, and nothing but the truth.

Beloved, better than keeping your ear to the grindstone is to keep your ear to My heart.

Simplicity carries the day.

What foundation do you stand on, or of what frivolity do you declare life to be?

Be true to yourself. Be true to Me. Be in your truth. Is this too much to ask? Is it too much to ask you to be forthright and solid?

Even idle passing of time can be true. You can mean it when you say: “How are ya today? Have a good day!”

There is to be no leeway with the words you speak. Your words are to align with truth. To thine own self be true. What I say to you is for your safe-keeping. What I speak is worth your hearing. Only truth is worth hearing.

Choose not to hear what is not so. There is no time to waste. No one’s heart is for you to toss out. Fool no one, least of all yourself. No playing around with hearts.

Get down to business. Be true. Be real, not sad.

Language was created in order to speak truth. No language was ever created in the interest of falsehood.

It is said that no one is fooled unless at his own bequest. So, then, who is the provocateur of falsehood?

Untruth carries a weak foundation. Ungrounded. Unfounded. Untoward. Not meant at all. What kind of words are these that are words spoken on the off-chance of a little tomfoolery or entertainment?

Stand in truth, or you lollygag in falsehood. Honor truth, and honor yourself. Think more of yourself and not little of your word. Make promises you will keep, or make not one promise ever to leave unfilled.

The arrows in My quiver are filled with truth. Make it the same for you. Truth is to be the language you speak. Why? So you count for something and gain credit according to your word beheld and your word honored.

After whom and what do you wish to model yourself? What matters to you after the sun sets?

True glory is glorious. False glory is vainglorious. Choose and declare your true merit. Declare yourself on Earth.

What is your life worth? Why would you gamble away your life on Earth?

Most beloved, be not penny-wise and pound-foolish.