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God said:

Beloved, a moment can take an Eternity. And, at any moment in time, an Eternity may also span a brief moment.

How you, My offspring, no matter how far flung you may feel, how your heart yearns to grasp all the mysteries of life and nature, to know full well how to find for yourself the patterns of existence and to see yourself as the true knower of reality that you yearn to be – realize now how your desire keeps your mind young and keeps you coherent as if you are truly the wholeness of mind and heart at play that I say you are, much in the same way as a forest is a congregation of trees. Regardless, you can explore a tree and a forest both as One. There is more to everything than you presently acknowledge.

In truth, you are well aware of everything all at once. You can see! You can see! You do know!

You do grasp everything at once, yet you don’t know how to put Greatness into words. You do have full swoops of knowledge, yet you don’t quite know to boldly say so. You are an innocent knower without knowing how to express yourself.

I tell you that you are forever-knowing. If time did exist, you would be up-to-the-minute. You may quibble over words. You may investigate too closely.

I say that you can be all-knowing and not have to enumerate details. You can know all without sprawling it out all over piece by piece.

If you dared to bespeak the big picture, you would see that you are a fount of knowledge. Knowledge is light. Knowledge is as light as air, and knowledge is worth gold, yet knowledge doesn’t need to be weighed on a scale. Details are not all-important. Details are only details.

You don’t need an IQ test in order to know that you have an IQ. In any case, IQ doesn’t light a candle next to love. Love outweighs IQ heads over heels.

Beloved, even if you are born the runt of the litter, nothing says you have to stay that way. You are free to gain great strides. Again, you may come up against time that doesn’t exist and isn’t even in the same ballpark. Contrary to general opinion, there is no slow, and there is no fast. There just is what is. You don’t have to go to such great lengths in order to establish yourself. Put away your scales. There is knowing.

Know Me. What else must you know that stands you in such good favor?

You sure don’t have to own glibness. It so happens, I am your Glory. This is the short and long of it.

You don’t have to have Me, for you are part and parcel of Me. You are My Beloved. We share existence, do We ever!

So One are We, in such a blaze of Glory are We, you hardly see your true existence. You may be out of sight, yet never are you out of My sight. It is a myth that you need anything. How can you who are everything in the world and beyond and lack nothing when you are already at the top of the mountain? Look up and see Vastness before you. By all means, see Vastness and embrace Vastness. Vastness wins. You are not a sliver of Vastness. You are the whole kit and kaboodle of Vastness.

You are more than a leaf on a tree. You are the whole tree. You are nature itself. You are the leaf on the tree as well as the environs of the tree. Whatever is the most you have thought of yourself, far greater than this are you.

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