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God said:

Beloved, there is a difference between lack of confidence and knowing little or nothing.

Lean against the ballast. Sit back in life. See from a distance. See from close up as well. In life, you walk back and forth just naturally in passing. You go away from home one way, and you come back home another way. You change your route tomorrow or the next day or from one day to another, or you change your gaze and gauge of things.

My One Child, from a worldview, is a Being whose mind changes. Even as you are forever and a day, you also flip-flop truth. This way today…yesterday another day, and even another way tomorrow…even a seeming turn-around and then another apparent way again. These seemingly are imposed upon you, yet you are somewhere in the wings watching. You may not have caught on soon enough, yet you can’t just wave away what seems clear now and pretend you don’t see. What I mean to say is that sometimes you skirt the issues as if they never were. This is not to say that infallibility does not also exist. Everything exists and falls as it may in the world.

As proof of the changeability of the relative world, take a look at the made-up idea of that which is called death. Just about everyone is scared to death of it and does not quite believe in it either. This, of course, can come across as wisdom. Death isn’t real – not by a mile. Time and space and the physical body do not truly exist. They are what fiction is made of.

There is a also a deeper stability that exists, yet stability doesn’t always reveal itself out loud in the world at large. The stable world is not made of physical reality. You can count on competition in a game played on Earth – a foxy game, as a matter of fact – not something you want to enter into. Competition is a fantasy of fantasies without substance. It may be as if fantasy has become your daily bread. If Truth Itself were on tap, love would rightfully declare itself your daily bread.

I second this with a nod of My head as if I were in church on a full Sunday morning or Saturday or on a Thursday evening – whenever it may be on the day your Sabbath falls. A Sabbath is holy on the day that it occurs. Holy is as Holy does. A congregation of full hearts swells in gratitude on whatever day may be your assigned day or night to acknowledge the appreciation that sings in your heart divinely. This is how I overhear.

Reverence and gratitude are inner jobs not to be attributed solely to echoes of repetition, which most definitely like to play their part on Earth as a reminder of love to be made holy and to be sung out in joy from the rafters of the heart and to echo throughout the Universe as an experience of Oneness to ring out more auspiciously around the world and to keep pealing and not to be forgotten, nor either the silence of love its embraces to ever cease. Hallowed be thy name and Mine which are One and the Same.

“Of Thee I sing” is a chorus of love open to view and embedded in all hearts on Earth as a testament of love on the wing and filling everywhere the Oneness of heart on Earth now and forever and to always be kept, not as an obligation but, as resounding joy to be heard throughout a world united on Earth. Hallowed be our One Heart in Heaven now and forever as it will come to be on Earth.

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