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Let’s start with a telepathic conversation that took place a few days ago with a light warrior.

“Sophia, you will find me willing to communicate frankly and honestly while also feeling it is abrupt.

This is because I am a warrior myself. I am not someone who has spoken to you before this now or spoken ever in this way.

I reach out now solely to assist fellow warriors as I honor their journey. It is not one I would have taken and not for the faint of heart.
(Those who do) are indeed strong willed.

What has occurred is interference into the timeline, into the energy available to the warrior, into their very will. This is edging deeper into personality. All interactions are seen as a call to action.

This is indeed a call to bisect (intimate, personal) relationships – to divide everything.
Any contact without clear instruction is seen as a call to conquer. Their very nature is being infiltrated – there can be no softness, no letting down. No weakness. Yes, this was intentional.

Its purpose is to break (those of you who are not warriors), to split relationships up. It will not break the warrior for the warrior is unbreakable.

If the warrior gives in to the (perceived) weakness of allowing feeling, then the warrior could falter. This programming does not suit the warrior in this now moment. The warrior is being primed for the divide, not the union. The warrior will let everything go, inflict deep pain, to win now. First on the list of the warrior is him/herself. Second is winning.

Who wants this?

The general goal of the Archons is trauma, so that they can feed.

Without loving energy, many will feel a void. This current struggle becomes your global journey.

This is a delaying tactic. There is no one (of the Archons) who care that this end with union, not anyone who is emitting these energies and waves at you.

The thing is, once this tactic/technique is seen and stopped – you become invincible.

How does it get stopped?

You must appeal to the higher self (of the light warrior) directly, now that this has been seen.

Thank you. Anything else?

Only this. Realize that this is a war & the most powerful techniques are being employed in these final stages.  That is, your most deep and personal components. This war is for all of you and these component parts – your heart, your loves, your sympathies – are all a part of you.

Everything must be considered as a possible target. Do you see?

I think so.

This is (seen as) a war Sophia, these beings are about to lose everything and they will hang on just as long as they can. Everything is in season and a possible target if it serves their agenda. Their agenda is to feed.”

The conversation ended.

Now… on to today’s post…
Raised in a world where winning is praised and losing is despised, we are ill-equipped to navigate the dialogue of a unified planet. Our responses instinctually follow the socially accepted narrative, fully promoting the warrior spirit.

These conversations are chock-full of heroes and villains, good and bad, right and wrong, someone to idolize vs someone to reject.  We can’t help but think winner or loser into every conversation.

Our heads are full of comparisons, criticisms and judgments; enlightened or mis-informed, left or right, liberal or conservative. Each carries its own arrogance.

If you read this article (click here), you’ll see that these dysfunctional, unharmonious energies are and have been purposely directed at us. This may be true.

Yet using the Archons or anyone else as an excuse for continuing maladaptive behavior is, at the very least, not self-aware.

The conversation you just read happened as I considered the article linked above. This is not a post about what is happening exactly, it’s a reminder that whatever it is – we’ve chosen this journey and are creating it with each thought.

The massive shift in consciousness from polarity to unity will only play out on a world stage when it happens first in our kitchens and our bedrooms.

Acceptance and agape do not magically show up as we are showered with light in some future Event. These spring from within.

This conversion is more than an upgrade; it is a replacement of an operating system.

We are switching from ME to WE in every case, each conversation and all situations.

The conversation I had with the light warrior the other day, brought to mind this song from an old Christmas movie (click here)

It would seem that many of us came for the initial “clean-up” and remain here still. The strength and power necessary then is still needed now, yet methods differ.

The change we’ve chosen to undertake is nothing short of magnificent.

We will not only stop fighting on the battlefield, but in our hearts and minds. We are choosing the embodiment of unity. This looks like acceptance, without exception or condition, of every other point of view as valid. This looks like joining as one, not winning over anyone.

Some of us chose the dark t-shirts for this moment and refuse to take them off. They (those dark shirts) will not be sustained in one unified field. There is no need to hate them into leaving. What is needed is consistent promotion of love, unity, compassion and consciousness.

It is time now to love. Those of us who know only to fight need new strategies, new words and other alternatives.

If we remove the idea of opposition and replace it with clarity, those who are ready only to fight will have no enemy with which to do so.

This new earth we are building needs solid ground.  It requires a field of consciousness.  It will expand in love. It will brilliantly and quickly engulf every one willing to open to it with immeasurable power.

The new warrior is one now willing to take up these unused weapons and expertly wield them for the benefit of all of us. For the work to remove and conquer changes now, into the practice of accepting and surrounding.

It’ll look like the same place, only instead of lines and walls to divide, there are intertwining circles with no end or beginning.

This new warrior looks always to assist with compassion and clear sight.  These new warriors are us. We are the ones. We have anchored the light. It is done.

With appreciation and love,
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