Invite Your Dreams to You | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, alas, it would seem you see a greater proportion of struggle in your life on Earth than you take joy home with you after work as a gift for the kids.

Everyone knows the expression: “Chin up!”

This expression bears taking a look at. How did this conjunction of two words come into existence? Is it possible that literally positioning your chin up has an effect on you that leads you to greater joy? It can also be possible that putting your chin down equates to feeling less hopeful.

Long in the world have you been told to sit up straight! It is likely that such common well-known expressions in your language set the tone of your day.

Take the expression: “Don’t be down in the mouth.” Not being down in the mouth may correlate with fewer wrinkles. Why not? There are smile lines and frown lines. Take your pick.

Do eyes lowered convey the opposite of eyes that look up? Look up, and you may feel more hopeful. Keep looking Heavenward. Is this asking too much?

Keeping your eyes wide open encourages you. What a good idea that you encourage yourself to be encouraged. What would I want you to be but inspired to go for higher? How about it?

Of course, holding your head up carries a meaning of alertness.

Shake a leg. It’s possible that the actual act of shaking a leg wakes you up and gets you going.

I gladly give you more choices to choose in the world. Take your choice.

Stand on your toes. Why would you want to be down in the heels?

There are certain simple ways within the mind and body that will make you more flexible. This isn’t startling news. It has long been thought that the Moon and other planets affect your moods. There are such things as pressure points that can relieve pain, and, who knows, perhaps even turn your life around.

You are a conductor of self-change and self-healing more than you credit yourself with. How powerful are your thoughts! What an effect music has on you! What cannot affect you? And no matter from how far away!

Make change happen. When you smile, you beam. When you smile, you are telling the world it’s okay being alive. Perhaps smile first, and you will feel better afterward.

Wear a pretty outfit, and you may quicken your step.

It’s no secret that exercise can uplift you. This isn’t a new thought.

Think of your hair as your crowning glory, and how do you feel? You have a choice of what thoughts to think. Choose.

How do you feel when you say you are flying high?

How do you feel when you say you are taking it lying down or you feel heartened or disheartened? Or that you are rising to new heights? Or that you are falling heads over heels in love? Or that you are riddled with fear or that you are overwhelmed with joy? Remind yourself that dreams do come true before your very eyes. Invite your dreams to you.

Will you accept once and for all that how you think about your life makes a difference to your life itself?

Beloved, hark to the herald angels! Be your own angel. Be somewhere over the rainbow. Be your own star in the firmament. Go ahead, fly to the moon. Take leaps right and left. Further your own progress. Set your own dial.

Enlighten yourself. Dance to your own tune. Sing a song of sixpence. Introduce yourself to your Self. Hop to it!