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God said:

What seems in the offing to say to you this morning regards the non-existence of time. Hallelujah! Time does not exist, so how can I speak of it, for time has no existence, let alone glory. Yet something seems to be on My calendar to convey to you in the presence of love on this precisely-encircled date. Of course, I speak in an instance of Infinity which is out of time.

It must be I want to tell you of My roaring love for you. My heart treasures every thought of you. No doubt, I want a thought of you to escape My heart, which can only be love. You are My treasured thought. You are holy to My existence. A thought of you is uppermost in My heart.

Don’t think that you appeared out of the blue. Nor can I say you were always a thought in My head. You have always been in My heart, a rainbow that covers all the crannies of My heart. You are. At the very thought of you, you became Mine forever and I yours, and We contain Oneness as One Bell Ringing. There never was an end to Oneness or even a beginning. You never had to knock because you were always here inside Me, and I never had to answer the door. My heart was always ready on the doorknob, even as I never had to turn it.

Heaven has been Mine, yours, Ours from the rising of the sun. The sun poured itself out. The world has never known a split second without Oneness. There never was a forethought or any afterthought. Oneness arose from the beginning of the thought of that which is said to be My thought of you. A thought of you simply arose from My heart like a budding rose.

It has been said that you were born in My image. Aha. In actuality, I am greater than any image of Myself, nor are you simply an image of Me. Oneness birthed Oneness. There was no discussion about it nor any delay. The sun arose without any doubt about it. Oneness awoke to itself at once. Oneness isn’t exactly a continuation. Without the consequence of time, what can continue? Infinity isn’t exactly perpetuated. Infinity is more Oneness than you can imagine. Once Oneness awoke, Oneness was instant. We can say that Oneness was one press of the key. Bung! Oneness existed at once. I can’t even say that it was at one press of the key. Oneness appeared once, a Oneness that defies time. I will call Oneness as an At Oneness that exists without time touching it, for Oneness is One Oneness and not quite the same as once upon a time in a faraway land. Time, on the other hand, is fleeting and can only be imagined.

Time has nothing to do with Oneness. Infinity is regardless of any concept of time. Infinity escapes any pretense of borders. Time is less than even a flash of time or lump of time and far beyond any thought of time.

I was going to ask you if you can follow My train of thought, yet, of course, away from the notion of time, there is no following what I say nor any train of time. Without the thought of time, the idea of illusion can hardly exist. It can only be a thought of existence. Oneness IS the Real Thing, and advertising Oneness requires no paste-up and takes up no space or thought.

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