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God said:

Beloved, life can be beautiful, then why so often does life seem to appear in disarray? How can this be? Certainly, you don’t want to think of yourself as ungrateful, yet what is going on? Is it possible you get a rush from finding life out to be unacceptable? Do you have a hidden pleasure in dissatisfaction, as if displeasure is some kind of reward that you are entitled to? Surely, you are due some notice or recompense. You do require at least a little regard – some kind of pat on your head or your cheek pinched lightly, or at least some kind of rinky-dinky honor, some kind of recognition that says you passed this way. You don’t need a cheering section but maybe a little wave in token of your struggle. Somebody has to notice you. Indeed, you do give life all you’ve got to give. You would rather go off stage with a brave hurrah than to just shuffle off with your past behind you. Hail, hail!

When once upon a time was yours to look forward to, now you may be saddened by. Did you get cheated somehow or what?

The sun may still be shining. Still, you feel like you are in the dark too much and aren’t seen enough. You may find no pleasure even in pleasure any longer. Too much too little too late and just too much backlog. There aren’t even breadcrumbs on your path to follow, alas. Perhaps you feel you bumped into a dead end. Somehow you were overlooked, or you didn’t take enough stock in yourself. Did you skip some steps?

If you belong in the world, when are you going to find this out – if ever?

If you are out of sync, you are aware that you are out of sync, yet it can also be that the world, too, is off-kilter, yet you are the one who attends to this way too much.

What exactly did you do or not do? Were you born out of touch?

You sure blame yourself enough. Yet what would you have wanted – not to be born at all rather than to have moments of being woebegone?

Naturally, you do wonder what might have been or what was supposed to have been. You did have your moments, as short as they may have been. You have had your moments, very short moments of what you would call stardom, yet, when all is said and done, what did they amount to?

Sometimes you wonder about some of the choices you made. You have your regrets, of course, yet had you chosen differently, odds are that you would have rued other choices, or you might have wound up on the same street corner.

Of course, when you think about it like a real person, you also would have missed out on irreplaceable treasures as well. Yeah, what would you be mooning about now?

One thing you are sure about is that, given the choice again, you would have appreciated every single person in your current life more royally sooner than later. You would know that each soul who is before you, alas, is only before you a little while this lifetime and may not come again quite so soon.

One thing you do know is that if you were to run across the same soul again, you would now recognize a gem clearly the first time around. Now you would welcome each one and all of life more. You, yourself, might have been more enjoyable for others, and they wouldn’t have had to tolerate you so much either – maybe! Smile now at Me, please.

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