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God said:

Beloveds, keep in mind the hearts and souls of all you meet. Certainly, you don’t fawn over anyone. Keep yourself on an even keel. Regard yourself as well. Overlook no one. No one is to be disregarded. No one is to be made small. Kick no heart into oblivion. No one is to be discounted, and this includes you. Regard all, including yourself. No one is to downplay anyone. Never are you to make small of anyone – certainly not yourself.

No one is run of the mill. No one is to be disregarded. Recognize all Souls. Come from simplicity and not flash. Discard no one. Minimize no one. Neither dismiss even one person nor aggrandize even one person because of some kind of world stature. Take no prisoners. Adulate no one. Care about everyone. Be true to Me whether you are in public or private. Be true to your Self. Be true to Me.

Regard all highly, and not the least, yourself. No one on Earth is incidental. Everyone is of significance. No one is to be tossed aside.

Remember hearts. Align yourself with love. Love accepts everyone on Earth as a tribute to Me. You don’t bend down as a matter of course. You do, however, bend your knees to tie others’ shoes when the laces are untied. You do this for Me.

You are no one’s servant except as you serve Me. Never are you obsequious. Everyone matters. You matter. Regardless of anything, everyone matters. No one is to be put on the back burner.

The famous do not matter more than anyone else. No one matters more than you or less than you. There is parity of Good Will. There is to be no lack of Good Will. Every Soul matters.

This isn’t a big deal. Everyone shares in common. Everyone on Earth is a representative of Me. Everyone has to know this. You must know this. You must own up to this. You must sing on behalf of every other representative of Me as well. Beloved, it is incumbent upon you to herald all life on Earth. No one is more important than you. No one is less. Every single Soul is heralded. Everyone is of note. Be clear on this. No child is to flunk. No one is to be denied. There is a rightful place for all. See to this.

No one is to lag. All are to be held high. No one is to be put aside. No one is to be sidetracked. No one is to be put under the table. No one is to be last. All are to shine in My God-given Light. Make no mistake. This responsibility is incumbent upon you and everyone, most certainly upon you. Speak for Me. Abide in My Light. Make My Light known before all. The Sun shines for all. No one is to be hidden away from My Light.

If anyone is inclusive, all are inclusive. There is a commonly shared humanity. No one is excluded. No one is in the shadows – no one. My Light is for you to shine on everyone the way the day meets the Sun. No one is raised higher. No one is put down.

No one is walked on. Honor is due all. This does not mean only some – some of the time. Homage goes to all. This is the least you do on My behalf. Raise yourself. Raise all. Attend to everyone, for everyone is My guest and due to shine My Light everywhere your glance may fall. Holy are All. No one is set apart. All are One, and One for All. You are One. Oneness holds the Earth high. You are the Highest, and so is everyone else. No one is to be less. Hark My Words once and for all.

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