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God said:

Beloved, what is all this about frustration? You are familiar enough with it. Frustration plagues you often enough. You don’t seem to understand the cause of frustration. The cause is that you insist on your best performance. You don’t have to keep battling with frustration as though you are obligated to it. Frustration comes from your own stubbornness. You tend to want something the way you want it when you want it. You don’t want to take a chance on less. You insist on your best performance no matter how many times you’ve tried to resist.

Of course, you grew up with the idea of having your way. You will achieve as you want to no matter how dragged out you may become in the process.

You don’t have to achieve. Regardless of what you absorb in terms of achievement, you can stop every now and then. When something is overly hard, this is a good time to ease up. Make it easy to jump over an obstruction. Come from another path.

When you love what you are doing, stick with it. When you are frustrated beyond endurance, stop for a while. This doesn’t make you a shirker. This helps you to get somewhere you want to get. Give yourself a break.

When you find yourself getting worn out, try an easier approach. Refresh yourself. You don’t have to be frustrated with no end in sight. You have My permission to drop the ball.

When you are baking a second cake in order to prove your mettle, you don’t have to prove yourself every time. Be a person who makes room for yourself and paves the way for life to consider you a success as you are. You are worth something. You are worth a lot.

You already know you can’t require your love to be requited. You also can’t always require yourself to get an A every time. Try again another day. It’s okay to change your tune. You are entitled to joy.

If something in life seems to be uncharitable to you, you don’t have to bear the brunt of it. You don’t have to surpass everything. You don’t have to endure so you can say you are developing your endurance. Put some of your energy into developing joy.

Success isn’t always all it is cracked up to be. Take on being good to yourself, and take on joy. You don’t always have to perform. It’s also fine to be easy on yourself. You can be a good guy to yourself.

This isn’t to say that everything has to go your way. The world does not owe you a living. If anyone owes you a living, it is you.

Take My Word for it. Care for your well-Being.

Let me remind you that you are a Human Being – not an automaton. You are not here on Earth to break world records. If S is your middle initial, S isn’t to stand for Struggle. You are not here to stand for struggle the most you can. You are not here on Earth to live the longest you can as if you snare a prize. You are here to simply be. You are not better because you put up with a lot as though you are to win a prize for endurance. This doesn’t make you fabulous. If you muddle through life, that’s okay, too. You don’t have to overtake the world. You are here to enjoy your time here on Earth. Life on Earth is not meant to be a laborious test for you.

Life doesn’t have to be a shoo-in either. Life is made of more than one aspect of life. Life has been called many-splendored. Why not?

What makes your sojourn here worthwhile? What makes you skip-to-my-Lou?! Be joyful more than you are stretched.

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