God’s View of Life | Heavenletters


God said:

Beloved, My vision of life goes beyond the human viewpoint of life by a mile. How clearly I see life backwards and forwards. How simple life is and how much simpler life could be for you if you could see as I do see rather than giving your opinions as holy as sometimes you want to do!

I bless you. How well aware I am of how life appears to you who are on the front lines. Of course, I know. I am not naive. I know how scary life can strike you. I am aware. I am not unaware. I am not cavalier. I well know that life, as you see it, isn’t a barrel of laughs. I don’t kid Myself. I don’t scoff at your fears. I perceive your fears. I know you can’t drop your fears off just like that. I know how real your fears and sorrows are to you.

Certainly, I realize how you can’t hide your fears just like that under your pillow. At the same time, I never want you to struggle as you do.

At the same time, it is understood that fear and pain also exist in order to protect you. Not that you are grateful that fear and pain were ever introduced into the world. This isn’t how you would do it if you had a say in it.

Of course, I see from different angles than you. I see near and far, while you tend to see near and not so far. This is just how it is. You are learning and growing.

Of course, you never want fear or pain to ravage you or anyone – not even one day a year or one half-day every ten years. No one wants any kind of agony ever. It feels too much like punishment to you. You would gladly erase negativity from the world if you could.

Dear One, just like cold and heat, fear and pain do exist in the world. They are available to all.

Fortunately, joy and love and laughter and well-being are also offered to all. Life in the world, as it is known, carries all possibilities.

Yet no one would ever want to toss out even one of the blessings that life also offers.

Well I know that given your choice, you would fiercely defend even one child on Earth from suffering and from what is noted as dying. I know you would. Nevertheless, this opportunity does not exist for you. No matter how much this would mean to you – even for one child – you rue that this isn’t a choice you have before you.

I have heard you beseech Me with all your heart for this ability. I know there are times when you would give your own life in exchange, yet your hands are tied. I know how you feel. Don’t think that I am a willful God or a will-less God or a merciless God.

Earth life has been set in motion. In everyday life, in order to change the schedule of even one train, much has to be taken into account. There are variables, to be sure. A change of one chain of events plays on all. Life is put together impeccably. Beloved, even with all the goodness in your heart and love for all, there are reasons why life is as it is and a reason why you cannot change the course of life no matter how worthy your motives. Even with the highest of motives, there are unknown factors. In the world, there is a balance, and motives are not equal.