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God said:

Beloved, together, as One, We engender love. From which flower on Earth does not love come? From what white cloud in the sky does not the Sun peek through? Now, may love erupt from your heart like a daisy in the field on a sunburst day. Your heart, yes, your heart, is to leap Heavenward – and why not? A glorious day is at hand. Every day is yours to leap to and flutter your eyes. All right, engage with today. All right, flirt with today. Be in grace with today. If this day is as important to you as you believe it is, meet it on an even footing. Step right up to it. Serve today. You don’t have to wrestle with today. You don’t have to nail it to the floor. You do not have to convert today to your will. Be congenial. Accompany today. Be today’s companion.

There is nothing you have to make of today but to be friends with it.

When life doesn’t seem to understand you, then lean toward understanding life. Must you whip today to a frenzy of your will? Open your eyes to today.

Today is for you to rally around. Lean toward welcoming today for all you are worth. Lift a hand to today. Give today a chance. Find in today that which you relish to find. Every day is a fresh day. There is something lovely today. In any case, today is the one day before you. greet it!

Of course, life is a continuum. You are on a roll. Yes, dear One, you don’t know ahead of time where each day will lead you. Yet, the day does lead, and you can also lead it. You don’t have to walk on tiptoes. You don’t have to wear high heels. You can even go barefoot. You can always be high-minded and big-hearted and amenable.To what heights can you not reach?

Of course, you lean toward a happy voyage today. This is your contribution. Be fortuitous to today. Favor today. Give today a good start. Be ready with your approval. Take a day far and wide today.

I beckon you to today. Get off to a good start. May today be your cup of tea. Every day doesn’t have to be the rose on the vine. Not every day do you have to go to Starbucks. You don’t have to win a prize every day. You don’t have to bend every day to your will.

Furthermore, you don’t know ahead of time a day’s future. Hold no grudge to the closing of any day, for tomorrow is another day. The sun sets. Stars rise. You can be easy to please. Be compassionate to life. Give life a send-off worthy of a King or Queen and the welcome of a prince or princess.

Hallowed be today.

Venture today. Accompany today. Hold today’s hand. Skip along with today. Jump over potholes. Keep your balance. You do not have to trip over today or to have setbacks. Today is only a day. Find that which is favorable to you in today. Today doesn’t have to be a clean sweep. Today can be an ordinary day if it wants. You can engage with it. The rain doesn’t have to spoil your parade. Bless today.

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  2. Light and Love – Love and Light – Light and Love – all is ONE – God and Creator and Universe and Realm of Spirit – All is One – God and his/Her Children and Mankind and all Creatures – All is One – So let us praise the All and One !!!!!

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