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God said:

Beloved, what your life too often comes down to is that you speak more often of a confluence of strife than you speak of a confluence of love and gratefulness. Why is this? Why would you give less of yourself to love? Does this give you some sense of perverse satisfaction as if you have covered all the bases?

Likely, it tends to give you sense of dissatisfaction, and you feel wronged, and you are inconsolably put out by how you feel. Better not to feel having been wronged. This may be evidence of a state of affairs you have long felt – perhaps your whole life.

This was never right, and never can it be righted. Your perception may be accurate, yet it is never right for you to feel wronged. It turns your heart smack towards the dial of resentment.

Absolutely, by a long shot, it is incorrect for you to feel virtuous by having been wronged. It is wrongful of you to feel wronged. It is not beneficial for you to feel triumphant to having been short-changed.

Then you are the one unfair to yourself. No matter however long you have been feeling wronged, it is an injustice to you. This is most certainly not what I signed you up for.

Let go of this omission. Probably you are up to your neck in trying to be compensated. When this is the case, it’s hard to let go. Grudges are not easy to be done with. They tend to keep piling up. You keep looking for them everywhere. You may not make them happen, yet you play a part in storing them up.

When you look for your car to break down, you may more likely run out of gas. Of course, it’s a better idea to expect your tank to be full. And why not anticipate goodness and mercy? The rich expect wealth, yes? The healthy expect a good check-up, don’t they? The sorrowful expect to weep, more or less. A lot of the appearance of your life depends on what you expect. You may figure it is natural to feel discounted. Better to be startled. The truth is that all goodness is your true due. Anticipate good for yourself.

When you expect to get to school on time, odds are you will. There is more involved than good timing. All is in your favor for you to expect good to come your way. When you lock your doors ahead of time, you may guarantee that you will feel left high and dry.

Please don’t always say you trip over your skirt on the top step or bottom step. There is only perhaps habit that says you must look for what you don’t want to appear on your doorstep. Don’t desire headache or ungraciousness. Anticipate something you would like. One way or another, you contribute to your reality.

Holy Moly, call your good fortune to you while you are at it! Be loyal to your own good will.

Certainly, don’t while away your good fortune. Don’t set traps for yourself.

Certainly, don’t store up an arsenal of resistance. Store up beautiful baskets of treasures one after another. Locate yourself in a whirlwind of good treasures desired.

By all means, get into the position of expecting the best. In this case, your odds will well be better. Why not increase your best chances? Bet on yourself at least somewhat. Stick with Me, Beloved.

Have you been mounting up despair rather than letting go of it? Does it mean so much to you that you must keep heartache close to you, Beloved?

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