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God said:

Beloved, yes, there is a God sense in every land responsive to the notion of God.

In department stores of old, there were Notion Departments, as if ideas had their own departments. Of course, these notions were about pins and needles and certain kinds of sundries that are kept track of to this day, or, it could be that these days such departments are called outright sewing departments or, perhaps a customer might just call out across the room today: “Where do you keep your sewing supplies?”

Nowadays people aren’t so aware of other people going out on expeditions in search of God Himself so much any more as they once were used to coming across God out on a specific path or green field where God Himself might be found. This has happened on occasion on other climes, as you might have hoped to come across God, for, in this world, what has not happened now and again?

You have likely had wonderful surprises at every stage of your life as well as your share of disappointments. This is the world for you, or is it?

Or is this rather what the world asks for after a long sense of woe?

Had you gone to a different school of thought, you might have learned the same or differently.

Even so, had you gone to a different school, it’s still possible that you would have learned much the same

And what is this that is said that’s there’s nothing new existing under the sun? My sense of it is that there is always a new sun under the sun from one angle or another. In the same way, there are always a few more stories to tell about under the same sun, why not?

Of course, there is always another story that you, the prospective Queen, could have gone into from one or another angle and fallen asleep while tantalizing the King to let you live one more night for the sake of one more story.

Could not even one or another of the brides from the Arabian Nights have figured out the same ploy and remembered a good story she could also tell from beginning to delayed ending anyway?

Or, could not one or another of the other brides have gone back from one time to another and come back out with Infinite Arabian Night Stories instead of only One Thousand and One Night of the Arabian Nights?

What kind of great prize was this King for the prospective Queen to live to tell her stories to one more night and again and to stay alive to marry this King? Was she obliged to marry him?

Surely, the King doesn’t seem to be such a great shakes to marry. If this weren’t a fairy tale, I would have encouraged the bride to marry someone else or trade her cards in. Or, if the King weren’t so tiresome, she could simply have run away from him and set an example.

Also, could not the King have summoned the Royal Librarian to find him an early edition of the page-turner or even hired someone to read the stories out loud to the King, whereas each princess could have kept her head and have had an extra first-hand story to tell as well?

Or perhaps this bride could have been another bride instead who was rumored to weave straw into gold. What cannot be?

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