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God said:

Beloved, do you perhaps look at Me, God in Heaven and on Earth, as some kind of insurgent in your life, as if I am here to disrupt you or to intercept your life, as if I am not to let you be in peace, but rather that I may be an Almighty God here to shake you up?

This may also be true, for you do not always tread in secure peace. I speak of peace on earth, yet, as you may see it, I do not seem to allow you to live in peace with a solid element of grace.

It may seem to you, Beloved, that I am, on occasion, one-pointed in disengaging you from the peace you seek. You would like to know where is the advertised peace on earth that is meant to exist for the joy of all?

“Where is all this sought-after peace, dear God? Where is a Certificate of My Being?”

Sometimes, My beloved Child, I glean that you are actually far away from peace. You’re not even sure there is, in reality, peace for you to be had. In fact, you may know yourself sometimes as a wistful stranger in Paradise. Your life has long seemed to be at risk.

You may wonder if you are, in fact, an interloper to life itself. If you are not supposed to exist here, could you have simply wandered in? Indeed, what if everyone merely wanders in from off-stage? Could it be that you – and not you alone – are not a full-blown citizen in life, but that you are rather an aside? You may wonder if, indeed, you are actually supposed to be here.

You wonder how you got set in motion, indeed, if indeed you are in motion.

Could you be a fantasy of your own and no more? Could you have possibly made yourself up and, all this happenstance imagined? You don’t remember signing up on the dotted line.

Sometimes it feels that you plopped yourself down loosely on this round globe named Earth without full compliance or even awareness. You agonize. What if you are not for real? What if you really are a blob of fiction, just a story and not even a creditable one?

What if are here today and gone tomorrow and not a sum total of much at all?

Good grief, what if you actually do not indeed exist? Can you just be an experiment hardly worth your noting? What if you wandered in on life and wandered off by chance as well?

You believe God truly exists, yet what if you don’t exist except by chance? Are you just a blot of ink spilled on a page?

You have gained insights into My thoughts – thoughts that lend credence to you from Me. You believe so. You know so.

In Godwriting, you gain a great deal of this sought-after measure of peace. You never even used to believe in God. Once upon a time, God was not, and now God is.

I, God, have given you insights into Me from Me, and now I, God, have captured you smack in the middle of My heart, and you are here to stay.

Yet you wonder if you are true blue with Me. What is this birth certificate some clerk gave your mother on the off-hand chance that you do actually exist?

Beloved, take Me at My Say-So. You are far greater than a random whimsy. Let’s shake hands on this here and now. I say that you are My pleasure to know forever and anon in My Name. We are Oneness and naught but Our Very Oneness signed, sealed, and delivered, so help Me God of Love that exists within you.

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