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God said:

Beloved, from the bottom of My heart, or, more accurately to say – from the fullness of My heart – you are My Beloved.

My heart bursts aflame with full-range love for you. There is nothing I can do to minimize My love for you, and there is nothing you can do about it either. Love it is, and there it is, two Hearts magnetized into One. You have no say about it. There is no putting aside the flames of My love for you. I am full of love for you. Anticipate My arrival around the corner.

Of course, you are My happiness. On each occasion, My love is ever new, even as it has always been Our love. There is no escape from Our Big Love, even as We do not desire any escape from the state of Oneness forever beckoning.

As it is, My love for you is something like the importance your right arm has for you. Yes, yes, you want to keep your arm forever close. You would never wish to give it up. Your right arm has always been close to you.

By the same token, who would want distance from Our delicious Oneness? In any case, I claim you as My Beloved. I know when I have something good, and I want to keep you close to My heart forever as One.

It’s true you are Mine, yet not in the sense of property. I set you sailing in the High Seas as My Ship’s Captain. How eager I am to watch your voyage, for it is the same voyage as Mine to the betterment of the world. When hearts are meant to be entwined as One, horses cannot pull Our One heart apart. It can’t be done, although you may kid yourself that We are not acquainted at all.

We are bound by an infinite alliance of Oneness. We have a voluntary tie of true love, and that’s all there is to it in order to bask in Our mutual love forevermore. We form a Golden Ring of Love that is incapable of the illusion of coming apart. Our love is Infinite and made in Heaven where We wish to stay and are accorded such blessings forever and anon. We are only Oneness, and Oneness is the whole Golden Story. Better than marked in stone, We are marked in the Gold of Our love basking on the beach.

There never was an inkling of anything else but the wreath of Our love to equal itself.

Our love isn’t made of papier-mâché. There is no stronger bond than the love We speak of, which is grand far beyond the peak of romantic love. Romantic love is not commonly-known as forever, perhaps no more lasting than here today and gone tomorrow.

All the same, all the good you can dream of to think exists as close as your beating heart. It exists in the offing right now. Make no mistake. All that you are meant to have exists right at hand at this very moment in Our Heart of Oneness. Expand your bounds. Life is this simple and straightforward. Not for one moment are you to complicate and thus tighten your imagined boundaries.

You are nearer to autonomy right now than you ever dared to imagine. Honestly, I come with the territory. All that is missing is your recognition that I am nearer right now than you ever dared to imagine. Hark, I am within you deeper than the surface by a long shot. We are speaking from the very depth of Oneness in the making and in its perpetuity,

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