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God said:

Beloved, moving right along, consider life on Earth a fabulous menu that I created and put together. You are the creative chef who prepares the meal and the server who serves the food effortlessly and joyously to the throngs who are eager to be served.

This is like sailing on a smooth sea. There is nothing to it. There are the hungry throngs. It takes no effort to be hungry. It happens naturally. To pass on the food also happens naturally. I am thinking along the lines of serving and/or being served. Life may be compared to a serving line.

And, yes, there are also those who clean up later. Cycles are repeated.

Living isn’t meant to be complicated or arduous. All prepare, serve, and are the served. Humanity wears all the hats. There are no class distinctions. There is Oneness.

Oneness seems to be a big topic, yet it isn’t exactly a topic. Oneness is a given. It could be said that Oneness is My pride and joy. It could also be said that Oneness is My humble love and your constant realization – the summit of Our Oneness.

Regarding Godwriting, it could be said that, on its own, the Godwriting that comes from your hand takes its own shape. You find the Godwriting coming to you, and you begin to see what it looks like, the clothes and styles it likes to wear from your hand, the shapes and the colors, its tone of voice, its sense of things and the form it takes and the radiance and revelation of its Self.

A dictionary defines inspire as: To guide by divine influence, instruct and infuse with spiritual or divine knowledge.

Thus, I am the Inspirer of Godwriting. Thus, I am the True Godwriter, and you are the Godwriter by proxy.

And so you are a Godpainter, a Godcomposer, a Godgardener. a Godblessing, even a Godwriter of Fiction Books and Stories. Whatever you give the world, you are a Godgiver of it. You are a Godhousedesigner or Godhousebuilder or Godarchitect or Godmachinest. A Godwriter isn’t more special or divine.

All of God’s designs are Divine and echo My Voice. To My Beloved Self, I assign you. Believe Me that I choose you. Your finding your way to Me is God-given. Your smile is Mine. Along the same lines, I choose the Godwriting that falls to your ears. You lean into what I ask of you or nudge you to and to all your speculation.

Whatever trail in life you follow, you chose, yet you are also chosen. I choose for you. We are both happy.

Godwriting is one trail. House cleaning is another. No matter how you serve, this is how you serve. The world sets a status, not I. Serving is serving. I point you. This is nothing new. As a baby, you served. Shaking your rattle, you served, and I chose you to serve as well. You may call it nature that serves, if you like.

The world may say to you: “Find your joy.”

I say to you: “I supply you joy. You will see. I am your Creator. I encourage you to establish My joy on Earth.”

It isn’t true that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. This sounds classy; however, there is nothing that angels fear to tread. You may be sure that angels tread anywhere and everywhere there is to tread. Angels tread on Earth, and you are one of the angels.

It is a brave thing to Godwrite. To tread on Earth is brave. To be a human Being, bared as you are to world opinion and world events, takes guts for Earth angels to comport themselves on Earth amidst the hustle-bustle life may prepare itself to be. Go High.

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