What Is Love but Inspiration? | Heavenletters

God said:

Beloved, may every word anyone and everyone says add to the breadth of inspiration in the world. Certainly, there is no good reason to add one more word of despair to the word bank. The world covets too much despair. There is no good cause to point out even one more alert to the world. Don’t raise alarms. Give love.

There is too much good news that isn’t handed out often enough.

Whatever good news the world craves more of, let’s supply it. Let’s downplay unwelcome news. Let’s cast a new flavor into the world and detract from gossip.

Yes, let’s be good news reporters. Everyone knows that what the world needs more of is love. Let’s hand more love out now. Inasmuch as everyone desires more love, then, where is it? What is covering up love? Busyness? Busybodiness?

Can the world I created from love seemingly be devoid of love? I don’t get it, do you?

Never more than now has the music of love been so recorded all over the world – all over the world! Why, then, isn’t a chorus of love cooking up a storm everywhere we look to encompass the world?

Lack of love seems so outdated. What is needed? More love songs? More satisfaction of love? Certainly not more ego.

Where has love been left, and why has even the word love not been used enough? Has love been disbanded?

No longer is the language of love to be silenced. No more. Not once more.

Let love trip all over itself. Let everyone fall down in love and love be the chorus of the day. Let love be summoned and love be declared and love never be undermined by any ruse of the day ever again. May you be blown away by love. Let love have its say. Let love no longer hold itself at bay. From now on, love will win out.

May you trip over love. May you bow down to love every day and love bow down to you as well. Wherever you turn, may love be watching over you. May love fill your heart to overflowing. Melt in love. Sing to the tune of love. Let love gain mastery over you. Let love warm your heart. May love beat it’s tom-toms all over the world. Let love be true, and only love be true, for anything less than love is petty and makes no sense. Love makes sense. Let love make sense once and for all.

God Almighty, beloved, become steeped in love. Accommodate love. There has been too much hesitation regarding love. Be open to love right and left. Love is to be the theme of no abandonment when it comes to love. Congregate with love. May love be safe with you.

Love is not to be kept in a cupboard. Set love free. Welcome love. Let go of the idea of love being daring. It takes great daring not to love. If you are missing anything, it’s love. You have too much judgment.

Let your heart fly free. Let your heart and not your mind decide about love. Your mind may be too guarded. Your mind weighs matters. Oh, yes, your mind judges. Love wherever you turn. Love is to be the content of your heart. Raise the flag of love high. Heighten your love. Never run out of love. No dams are to circle around your heart. Let the bells of love ring high. Radiate love. Love isn’t for you to constrain. Cheer love on high! Take care of what is yours to take care of. No gossip-mongering, Beloved. Mind your own business.