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God said:

Beloved, come hand in hand with Me. This is to say: Be self-sufficient. You are not hapless. Be Godness first and foremost. Hold your head high. Fill your heart full of joy.

Life is to bolster you and absolutely not to cut you off. Be bursting with joy. All is possible. All is possible for you. All is possible for everyone. Life does not have to be difficult.

Pretend you are at the dentist, and open wide. Nor must you be spectacularly elated at every moment. Open your heart to all. Sure, be open-minded, yet it is more to the point to be open-hearted. Rely on your heart more than you rely on thinking.

Thinking can only go so far. A high IQ is nice. Sometimes you think too much and to distraction. A big heart is more to the point. Thinking can be overdone.

Your life depends upon the fullness of your heart. Open your heart wide, and happiness will well up. Happiness is yours to enjoy. The mind is not the whole story. Living stirs in the heart. The mind is in thinking. The mind is an add-on. You want to be the straight goods. Your heart is first and foremost.

At a baby’s first smile, the baby isn’t thinking ahead of time: “I will smile.” The baby takes pure joy as it comes. The baby does not necessarily receive a directive to smile. The baby discovers the happiness a smile brings. Happiness isn’t an afterthought. Living life precedes thought. Thinking may tend to be preoccupied with gain. Happiness comes on its own.

Happiness isn’t profit-minded. Happiness is happiness, or it is not. Happiness isn’t studied. Happiness is a natural event. It can only occur. Money doesn’t bring happiness as everyone has heard. Happiness comes on its own.

It isn’t a platitude to say that happiness appears from within your heart. Happiness isn’t gilded from the outside. Happiness rises up. I do not think you can attribute numbers to happiness. You cannot assign happiness. Happiness doesn’t come in specified sizes.

I do not know that happiness is a practice you can define. It is more that happiness sneaks up on you. Well, not really sneak up on you. Happiness wells up from inside. Welcome happiness, of course, and be arm in arm with it.

There are instances when and where you can be happy …anyway. Happiness doesn’t have to be caused by this or that. When happiness is caused by this or that, it may be short-lived. Happiness is your true state of being.

Think, if you must think, more along the lines of love’s arrival from no matter where it comes when it does. You do not order happiness to you. Happiness comes when it comes. You may stumble on it. What gives you happiness today may not tomorrow. There isn’t anything wrong with this.

You may stumble on what you see as happiness where you do not expect it, or it may be that your happiness finds you, and you notice the stirring of that which is called happiness, and you call it your own.

A great and humble artist may have to clean his own brushes and may have paint spills he has to clean up, or he may even be inspired to form an amazing new painting style from a careless spill. A mother will have plenty of spills and may find cleaning the spills brings her joy. It is for everyone to radiate joy.

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