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God said:

Beloved, you don’t have to juggle too many things in your mind all at once. Don’t carry around the concept of too much. One sunburst at a time keeps a good pace.

You, dear one, may find yourself juggling many concepts up and down and all at once. You unravel yourself as if you are a wild merry-go-round spinning in every which direction round and round.

Sometimes, you fill your mind to distraction. You do this often, even when you know better than to squeeze so much into a crowded space all at once.

How likely will you have clarity and precision at a crowded railway station when steam hisses up? Accord yourself room to breathe. Don’t pack your suitcases to the brim, let alone stuff your hungry mind. You don’t have to prove anything to yourself or the world.

Be big with love and sparse with shoving thoughts here and there and everywhere.

Your mind isn’t to be like a flea market or a clothes line crowded beyond reason. Let one thought at a time be a fine motto. Certainly, hold one emotion at a time in deference to peace on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Pile up nothing. Let your life be like autumn trees as their leaves fall into place on the ground beneath them. You don’t want your mind leaping in cross-directions all at once.

To have a full life doesn’t mean a cross-purposed life and that you run out of breath. May you have peace, and may the world have peace. Dote on peace. Keep up with peace.

Time may seem to be of the essence. Regardless, peace is of the essence.

Accommodate peace every day of the week. Lean back. Get comfortable. You don’t have to be disarrayed. There is no rush. It is not easy to be at peace and simultaneously be in a rush, yet you can get your job done. Still, why not go at a pace that gets the job done rather than dilly-dally with it? What are you supposed to be doing? Put your attention where it is appointed to be.

What does the expression “to take your time” mean after all? Of course, you can’t be agitated and calm at the same time.

Do you really want to ride in a speedboat of time? Get your work done.

Perhaps, if you are Einstein, you might be paid for daydreaming. Otherwise, the name of the job is getting it done.

You don’t have to be the tortoise, and you don’t have to be the hare. You can be fast and amenable, can’t you now? Can you not be just right? Surely, there is nothing the matter with being effective. Slow and steady may have their place. Fast and steady are well-recommended as well. Whatever you are doing, be done with it while you are at it.

God speed, yet not speed at all costs.

Tending to business isn’t about a flagrant style or rushing to beat the band, nor is it about taking all the time in the world. Get your job done and over. Don’t string yourself along. You don’t have to take a slow walk in the park. Hie to the finish line sooner than later.

You know, Beloved, thinking about work often is the same as accumulating it.

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