November 2018 Energy Update: The Grand Theatre | YouTube Video

November 2018 Energy Update:
~ The Grande Theatre ~ 
Storms, Wolves, Sheep, and the Great Remedy of Light

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received November 3, 2018

Storms, wolves, sheep, illusions, duality, and the Great Remedy of Light are all themes addressed in this November 2018 Energy Update provided by The Arcturian Collective and channeled by Marie Mohler. The energies this month continue to expose and reveal the Grand Theatre and “Film” of the old 3D earth that we’ve all experienced in this last 26,000+ year evolutionary cycle. And the energies also call us to increasingly activate our Higher Light and Soul Sight in order to step out of the audience of the 3D “show” and to move more steadily, confidently, and committedly into the Light of 5D cooperation, kindness, transparency, hope, healing, and vision of Highest Good for All now, as the earth continues to make her ascension into Higher 5D+ Frequencies and Light.

Included are links to important sites and offerings for you to check out for additional support, tools, services, and resources if you have interest. Blessings, Freedom, and Light to All!

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