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God said:

Beloved, you don’t always want to be porous to new advice. You can well be fiercely independent, and, yet, at the same time, being fiercely independent may well be much like being fiercely dependent and unable to let go of the premises from which you have come.

From time to time, either way, you may miss the point. There are times when you look back, and you wonder if you had said “Yes” to a piece of advice you had said “No” to.

There is a time or two when you have slapped the side of your head and rued that you hadn’t opened your ears to hear. Or do you remember a time or two when you followed some advice you would give back now as quick as a wink?

In either case, you berate yourself.

Mistakes in life are made. In the world at large, it is safe to say that no one is always right no matter how much he or she may like to think so.

In the long term, you are invincible in life. In the short term, you are not exactly always right. You may not always be so all-knowing as you like to think. Beloved, you are also fallible.

Know this: Your old ways of thinking can use some shaking up every now and then. To stick to your guns has a point, yet to forever insist on staying as you are may sentence you to stay with the same blockages that have already blocked you for too long. When you persist in having to be right based on a position you seem to be unable to veer from, you persist in keeping life the same as it has been for longer than you care to remember. This is your life. Perhaps you have become expert at not seeing the forest for the trees?

You create the course of your life. If something in your life has to budge, it likely is in your thinking.

To change one premise of yours about how you must persist in life doesn’t make you a flibberty-gibbet. It may mean you are ripe to see a point of view that you hadn’t seen before. Something may be right before your eyes, and you don’t see it.

If you are certain that your view of things must be absolutely right as it is, you may refuse to see new possibilities. Something is askew. Being attached to one way of seeing may be your refusal to let in a new view. What might you want to change in your life that will bring you to remove your blinders from? What might you change if you could? Always being right is a hold-out that doesn’t always carry weight.

In effect, you may be saying it is virtuous of you to always do as you have always done because you don’t want to move an inch. If your life, as it is, isn’t your preference, then it is incumbent upon you to see a new way. Wash the windows.

What if you could budge an inch, what new light might precisely enter your life to bless you with greater happiness than you experience now?

If I am not keeping you where you are, what then is keeping you in bondage?

Can it be that you, who care the most, may be the culprit?

See in a new way. Move in a new way. Do something in a new way, and your life will change of itself.

If you do desire a different direction in your life, let go of even one pattern you insist on keeping as it is. This is not rocket science. What makes you think you have to hold on with all your might?

Hello! Life on Earth is about change.

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