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God said:

Beloved, when you want to Godwrite merrily along, you may come to a place where full-blossoming Godwriting isn’t seeming to blossom. Where did it go? Naturally, you want Godwriting to be ongoing. Naturally, so do I want Godwriting to be ongoing. It is I, God, whose Godwriting you write down as it calls to you.

Be assured that you will feel the stirring that cannot be withheld from you. You have eons of Godwriting before you. There is no running out.

Vastness will pop into your head. Remember, nothing is lost. Godwriting will visit you again and again.

Increasingly, you may notice I pick up the pace of Godwriting about Godwriting.

Godwriting is uppermost in My heart and mind. Godwriting is a favorite theme of Mine. I rejoice in it. Within the sweet, easy process of Godwriting, Our One Heart touches base.

There were more recent times in the world when the idea of personal communion with Me was seen as going off track, as if this carried an air of disapproval, as if to do so was impertinent, as if listening in on Me amounted to eavesdropping. If not plain out forbidden, it carried at least a stern air of disapproval, as if access closer to God had to be an exclusive knack reserved only for special people. For so-called ordinary people, it was possibly seen as inopportune or fraudulent or a sign of mental frailty.

Beloved, what is Godwriting, after all, but simply coming closer to God? Come!

I invite all. I embrace all. I call out to you. I call on you. Here! I’m over here. Behold! I pat My hand on the pew beside me as I beckon you to Me in Oneness. I call on you again and again.

Assuredly, there is benefit for all to desire to move closer to Me. This is My desire. It cannot be otherwise. No one can make a mistake by yearning to come to Me. Without exception, closer to Me is where I want you and where you belong. No one is to take asunder what I put together.

My light shines on all.

Know this: Every Soul will receive Me, and every Soul does. I give Myself fully to every single Soul. Regardless of how you may see it, there is no least. Someone in a coma may be communicating deeply to the benefit of the world.

At the same time as We are One, I am God Almighty, and God Almighty welcomes all. I do not have a secret society. No one is kept away, evicted, overlooked. The more the merrier.

A chain of love enjoins all throughout the Universe, including the Whole of Heaven and Consciousness. The extant world may make categories of one kind or another. I don’t. Simple Oneness is A-0K with Me.

“Oneness is Mine,” sayeth the Lord.

What is Godwriting but Oneness?

There is no best in My statutes, and there is no least.

The heart is simple. The heart is King. The heart is the simplest of all. Join with Me in love. Is there something greater than love?

You do not have to be a perfect Godwriter. My Presence will return to you full-blast on its own. In fact, as it is, never do I leave you in the first place.

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