Message #34 – Telepathy | Sophia Love

Hello Sophia! We are so grateful you have joined us here!

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

We would love to engage!

We have been witnessing your recent transformation and have been hanging back, unsure of your readiness.  For, although you have stepped into another “room” so to speak, you have not yet turned on the light and so can’t yet visualize where you are.

Oh, you know you’ve moved, that much is clear.

Are you speaking to me personally or to us as a race?

Why, both would be true.

This is why the words resonate and you ask the question.  You recognize the truth in them.

I feel the truth in them.


This will happen to a greater degree now.

What will?

Feeling things, sensing them, noticing that you are aware of truth even before you see it in your world.  It has to do with the faster moving vibrations.  Things are travelling and appearing more quickly into your awareness.

Remain cognizant of this. It is the start of your burgeoning telepathy. You have these abilities and have never been told by any authority.

How you have chosen to realize them is via personal experience.

This happens now.

The personal had to open up its channels a bit.

It is the reason for so much coming forth to you.

You will learn to distinguish truth from show very quickly.

Truth, once recognized and acknowledged, only gets louder.  Soon it will be all you hear.  It will drown out the false narrative that is shouted by those attempting to set up decoys so you miss the mark, and focus in the wrong direction.

Once you speak of your synchronicities, of your “6th sense” and the things it told you – belief in what is real will spread.  It will be what you know.  It will be the only station you tune in to.

These are the beginning steps, yet they will quickly lead to a sprint. We see you catching up with your true selves quickly now.  We are so very excited and pleased to be a part of it, to share in your becoming.

We welcome any and all opportunities for connection.

Know that you’ve entered a moment when your dearest dreams will manifest in your everyday.

We are honored to be here when that begins.

We say goodbye now and look forward to hearing from each of you.

We love you deeply.

Thank you.

I keep hearing “We are the Pleiadians”, which I’ve not heard you say until now.


We are a new and larger group.  Your forum is one we’d like to participate with.

Okay, I was unsure where it was coming from. There was no visual today.

We are many. 😊 😊 😊

Thank you. (I received an image with this.)

Goodbye Sophia.

Goodbye now.
This conversation ended.

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