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God said:

It is possible to say that your consciousness can be equated with what you are thinking about. If your consciousness, your personal consciousness, is a vibration, then you vibrate according to your thoughts.

Please don’t get a guilt complex, beloveds, for do not expect world perfection from yourself. You live in a world where varied thoughts swirl around, and they are not all high. Thoughts are in the air, and some thoughts that you would rather not have will pop up in your mind. Beloveds, I am not telling you to weigh every thought. I am telling you, as I have always told you, to think about that which gives you joy and upliftment. You are not to rigorously force thoughts in or force them out. Lean toward the thoughts that uplift. As best you can, easily let the rest go.

Your vibration goes up and down according to what you are thinking about. You are not one consciousness. Your consciousness is more like a thermometer that goes up and down. Oh, there are a few of My children whose vibrations stay firm. They may not be plagued with the thoughts that you sometimes are.

You know what vibration you are at a particular moment according to how the thoughts you are thinking make you feel.

Beloveds, how do you feel when you are thinking that someone has injured you and needs to make amends to you? Perhaps you are the one to apologize. Perhaps you are the one who has been holding hurt to you. Beloveds,what vibration do you think you are at when you are wrapped up in the concept of you and I, them and me? Be cautious about feeling superior.

Beloveds, do not be sure you are right and someone else is mistaken. Do not think you know more than someone else. Do not think you know less. Everyone can learn, so be open to learning. If you are to teach others, it is by your example and not your instruction. Do not set yourself above others. What you know and who are you do not always mesh. That goes both ways. Your I.Q. does not determine your consciousness. You can be brilliant or you can be ignorant, and yet the so-called brilliant can learn from the so-called ignorant. The brilliant are not only brilliant, nor are the ignorant only ignorant. You already know that children are your teachers.

All this being said, there is the same range of consciousness within everyone. There is no one who is excluded from any level of consciousness. All is possible. It is beautiful that consciousness moves. And every one of My children, every one of you, is capable of reaching high. I don’t mean just reaching up high. I mean reaching what you reach for. And some do not have to reach up, and still they reach where others long to.

Within you is all that you possibly need. It is all within you. What is outside you influences you, yet the outside is not the master of you. The same goes for the past. The past had its influence, and now you leave the past behind and influence yourself. You can spin on a dime, beloveds.

Whatever marks the world has put on you or you have put on yourself, you can rise higher now. All that anyone can be, you can be. And that goes for everyone. Do not accept labels, and do not put them on anyone else. If you must label anyone, name them God’s child, or name them Angel on Earth. Give to others what you desire for yourself.

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