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God said:

Let Us meet today as if for the first time. You don’t have to wait. Come in. Sit down, please. Sit down close to Me. There is really no far or near when it comes to Me. Naturally, I am beyond distance. I am beyond time and space. That is, there is no distance of time, and there is no distance of space. There is no time or space. In that case, where can near and far exist? Only as a concept, beloveds. Only as a concept.

Concepts are a dime a dozen. You swim in the Glory of God, and you also swim in concepts. Yet, when We follow this stream of reasoning, there is no place to swim except in the Glory of God. This is a harder concept to grasp. Yet, why is that? Why would the easiest simplest natural thing in the world seem hard to grasp? How can Reality seem far to you, or far-fetched? And yet I tell you that We are in an Embrace so great, so wondrous, and Our Embrace is constant everyday Reality. There is nowhere you can be but right here. You are not even seated across from Me, or next to Me. You are seated in My heart. In My heart.

A physical representation of you runs around to and fro, and yet you cannot, not even for one millisecond, depart from the Kingdom of My Heart. There is no getting away from Me. Only in your imagination can you. I am not imagined. I am Real. I am Always. You can imagine otherwise, and, of course, you have.

You have imagined Aloneness and Loneliness. You have imagined all sorts of things. Yes, I have told you all this before, yet maybe you are just now hearing it. I AM. I AM God. You are a part of Me, yet you are not apart from Me just as it is impossible for Me to be apart from you. You cannot fall from Me, not even once, not even for a trice. We ARE together.

You are not a straggling thought of Mine. I do think of you, and yet I don’t have to think of you, for you are in My Awareness always. I know you. I know you as a most intimate part of My heart, yet it is the Wholeness of My Heart that knows you. It is not that you are stuck in My heart, you understand. You are free in My heart. You are the very beat of My heart. You are My heart. We can say We share it, and yet We more than share it. That I share My heart with Myself is a more accurate way to say what is. I recognize My heart for the Oneness it is.

We may say you are part of that Oneness, yet, in fact, you are My Wondrous Oneness itself. There is no departure, beloveds. I talk to My heart right now. You are in the Deep Stillness of My heart. You cannot rove from it. I cannot leave Myself anywhere. Where can I be but where I AM? And where can you be, My One Heart, except fully where I AM?

We could say that you are one of My heartstrings. You certainly are tethered to My heart, and yet how can you be tethered? To what can you be tethered when there is Oneness alone? To what can Oneness be attached to? We can say you are pinned to My heart. We can say We go steady. We can say We are engaged. Yet, when We are already married, how can it be said we are going to marry. What is there for Oneness to marry?

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