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God said:

On a cloudy day, life goes on just the same. As for you, My darlings, when skies seem dark for you, don’t let the clouds dim your view. Keep on going just the same.

In life in the world, nothing has happened. You may feel you are undergoing tremendous change, that life as you know it is falling apart, and so on, and yet nothing is happening. It is a changing world you live in. Everything has changed, and, yet, nothing has changed. From your perspective, everything has changed. Nevertheless, the rug cannot be pulled from under you. Once you were a participant in life with a certain rug under your feet. Now you are a simple participant in life without the familiar rug under your feet. And you are you, and even if you are changed, nothing has changed.

If you put two eggs into a bowl, and you whip the two eggs with a fork, you still have the same two eggs in the bowl. What is the difference? A little stirring, that’s all.

Whatever seems to have transpired, consider that you have climbed a ladder. You didn’t sink. On the contrary, you are rising. You are climbing a ladder of the past. You step on the rungs. You have passed a milestone, even if it is a milestone you didn’t want. You longed for a permanency that doesn’t exist.

Perhaps you say: “Permanency exists for others. It used to exist for me.”

Be glad then. Be glad you had even what now has left.

Adapt the philosophy that, although nothing has happened, perhaps something happened. Your feelings say so. Then consider that what happened, happened for your benefit. There is something good for you even in this change you resist. You wanted everything to go on as it was, even though you knew you were on slippery sand. Now you know. Now you have landed, even though it seems to you to be on a barren land. The land is not barren. You feel bereft. You have berefted yourself. You may feel you can’t live through this, whatever it is, and, of course, you will. You have been through, even to your insatiable mind, worse than this.

What you were attached to is a fantasy. Wasn’t it? And this upheaval that you are going through is also a fantasy. Nothing has happened. We can put it this way:

“I, God, am all that there is.” You could say that I am the only kid on the block. You are never going to lose Me. Everything in the world can seem to change. Always you have Me. Can I not be enough? Can it not be enough that I am with you? We have walked together for many eons. Actually, more than that. We have walked through Eternity. There is nothing else to walk through. Whoever else in your world is with you or not with you, I am with you.

Would you trade Me in for someone else? Would you really? Would you really choose another over Me?

If you must hang on to someone or something, hang on to Me. You won’t even be hanging on. You will be right where you are meant to be. You will be at My side, and I, at yours.

You can stop putting so much attention on that movie screen you can’t take your eyes off of. Remember Me. See Me standing before you. Stand on my shoulders. You don’t really need that rug under your feet. You don’t even need a floor. You have everything you need, Bright Star. You have Me. I am shining in your heart. I am shining in everyone’s heart. You have lost nothing. There is no loss. I understand very well that you believe in loss. You even believe in death. Believe in Me. Will you believe in Me?

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