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God said:

Give your heart away today. Give it to whomever you see or think of. Give it. If you think you do not have love to give, or much love to give, then give a mild blessing. Wish everyone well. This way you uphold love. Giving blessing is the same as giving love, mild-mannered love, considerate love, life-fulfilling love. Just give it.

You have had the idea that love is to be parceled out. Beloveds, it is to be given, not parceled. You are not a charitable organization with rules and requirements before you give. Whoever comes in your path, you donate love to. If you are there, and they are there, they are to be recipients of your love. It is that simple. Don’t complicate it.

I gave you a huge change purse of love. I said: “Here is a billion dollops of love for you to spend. Do not keep the contents of this change purse to yourself. You must spend it.” I said a billion dollops, as a figure of speech, for I gave you a bottomless purse filled with infinite love to give.

As you have guessed, that change purse is your heart. Your heart is self-fulfilling. As it gives, it grows full. It is a magic heart. If you had a stomach like your heart, you would get full by giving your food to others.

You were never meant to be without heart. Even one who seems heartless is not without heart. Their heart may have been made small through disuse or self-centered use.

Take your heart with you wherever you go. Spread the world with your love. Spread it thickly. Be generous. Generate love. You will spark it in others. A smile brings a smile. Love brings love.

But your only motive to give love is to give it. Giving it matters. Receiving is a nice by-product, but giving is better. Giving fills your heart more. Giving is always just right.

Do not be shy about giving love. That is self-centeredness.

I will tell you that any withholding of love is from ego. Ego thinks only of itself, puffing itself up. Vanity, pride, looking at the payback of your love — all that is ego-directed. Ego loves to rule the roost. Ego makes exceptions all over the place. Ego makes you say: “I would give love. I would give this and that, if it were not for this and that.” Ego supplies the this and that, beloveds. Ego is very good at supplying reasons. Ego supplies you with all the “but ifs” and the “if onlies”. Ego thinks it is superior to love. Ego thinks it is superior to everything. Ego is snide in that way.

Let Us talk of love instead. Let Us romance love. Let Us bring love out of the corners of life into the forefront. The next time you are hesitant to say hello to someone or to smile, do it anyway. It may be a tiny drop of love you are giving, but it could be a gallon to the one who receives it. Do not smile falsely, beloveds. Make your intent and smile equal each other.

You want to do good in this world, I know it. Start small. Start with one moment of well-wishing today. Consider that I sent you today as an angel to boost the spirits of everyone around you. This is what I have asked of you. And, as an angel, you know where to start, and that is right where you are, not there, but here, not later but now. Love isn’t something you have to plan or dress up for or even think about. Just give love. With every breath give it. Breathe in, and breathe out. Breathe love in, and breathe love out. Love given is love received. Foremost, you are a giver of love.

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