April 2019 Energy Update: The Dark Matrix & The Earth’s Emancipation

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 3.23.19

Mother Earth and the Arcturian Collective lead another timely, affirming, and empowering transmission for April 2019. They increasingly lead us into a connection with our Light and our Conscious Breathing, to create a coherent light frequency and to help us align with the Best Light the new month’s energies wish to bring to all of us. The Guides speak to Power of the Energies of the Sun and its Galactic Family of Sun Portals continuing their activations in all sentient beings on the planet. Additionally ~ they speak to the history of the dark matrix and web that led the earth and all her inhabitants into this recent cycle of separation consciousness and greater density. And they speak to the Earth’s Full, Resilient, and Present Emancipation from that Dark Matrix, ascending into its Full Light and Sovereignty once more. As the Earth Rises, so too do we! This is another powerful transmission that invites listeners to align with the Infinite Light of their Divinity and the Power of Divine Sovereignty that lives in all of us. Blessings and Showers of Light to you this April 2019 and beyond!

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