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God said:

My heart is embedded in yours. My heart is yours. My heart is for your use. I have given all of My heart to you. My heart beats in yours. Our One Heart beats the gong of love.

You, who may feel lovelorn, regardless, no one has more love than you. No one is more loved than you. It is also possible that no one is more skeptical than you. Remove your cap of skepticism and put on a crown of love.

Beloveds, I crowned you love. Love is not an add-on. For Our purposes, however, picture yourself putting on a crown of God’s love. What more do you need? What else is there? When all is said and done, what else is there but My love bestowed on you?

You live under the umbrella of My love, yet My love is far more than an umbrella.

My love is the sky above, and My love is the stars. I have given you the stars and the comets and sun and the moon, and I have given you the image of day and night. I have handed you the stars like pearls. When your heart aches, consider your tears like pearls from the stars. Let the stars enter your eyes. In truth, your eyes fill themselves up with the light of the stars. Take off glasses and lenses for a while, and bathe your eyes in the light of love that stars cast upon you.

Free the star of your heart to meet itself.

Come out from under the brambles that your heart hides under.

All the trouble in the world is but subterfuge. You have been playing Hide-Go-Seek with your heart. You have been playing Heart-Go-Seek, and so your heart that has everything goes on a mission to find itself. You are Everyone, and you are Everywhere. Has your heart been playing a Game of Solitaire? Has your heart been hiding under a bushel or under a mushroom? Where has your heart been hiding?

Literally, I tell you, rather than count troubles, count the stars. You will find yourself in the stars, for, from light, you have come, and light you are, and you cannot be anything but light, beautiful light, beautiful swirling light that sends a message from Me to all the land, and your message is love. In a kind of Morse code, you sprinkle the light of love around the Universe. You imagine you are a seeker, when, all along, you have been a sparkler of My light. You are Mercury, fleet of foot, and you are All That There Is. I am the Totality, and so are you.

You are far more than an individual personality locked inside a human body, and the Truth of you will out. You will stumble across it. You will trip over yourself, and you will notice that all is you, and that you are all. If I am All, so are you. All the senses become wrapped in One, or, more succinctly, unwrapped in One. All the subterfuge is unwrapped, and the True Light That You Are Stands Ablaze in the Light of the Stars. The Light of the Stars is the Light of Love. There is no Light but the Light that shines Above and Within, and, there is no above. There is no outside. There is only within, and what is within, will out.

No longer ask, Why? Why this and why that?

Now, simply say Yes. Say Yes to the Stars, and Yes to Love, and Yes, Yes, Yes.

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