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God said:

You revere a certain individual in a body who is before you. You get a sense of peace. We can say that it is I within the body of the person you revere. It is the God in the man, woman, or child that you revere, and yet disappointment may come, and your sense of peace flies out the window, and you feel distraught. Did the other person or persons change, or is it simply that your own feelings changed? Your feelings could no longer be true to themselves, and so now you feel bereft. You say the other person loves you no longer. A whole drama was created in your mind. You affixed your love in one place, yet your mind is like a bee that has taken all the nectar from a flower and alights there no longer. You are talking to yourself.

Alas, the fleetingness of your errant mind. You say it is your heart. You say you have had a change of heart. Your mind decides your heart. Your mind changes your heart, beloveds. Your dream does not come all the way true because of the wandering of your mind.

You still think that love is dependent upon the object or person before you. Love plays solitaire, beloved. There is no other who commandeers your love. There is no other who whisks it away. You play a tennis match by yourself. You are the giver and the receiver. All the while, it is you that you are in love with or out of love with. You love swimming in one pond, and now you look for another. Where has love gone, you ask. It is playing hide-go-seek with you. Now you see it, and now you don’t. You inner sense of love wavers.

You tend to think that love needs an object. That is a misperception of love. Love needs only itself.

It is not that you master love. You cannot decide love, for love arises from its own fountain. You love here, not there. And then love is seemingly withdrawn for one reason or another. It is yourself that you disappoint. You triggered love in your heart, and then you untriggered love in your same heart. You may think that you are at the mercy of love, and yet it is love that is at your mercy.

Be merciful to love. Let love rest too. Perhaps love is a great white steed that you cannot ride at full steam all the time. Let love be its own rider and not an overridden horse. Let love have its own pace. You do not have to be so fervent about it. Love is not really all or nothing. Have you had that idea in your mind? Have you been throwing love away because you thought you have to master it?

Let love be. On Earth, love, like the beloved moon, seems to ebb and wane. It seems high in the sky, or low in the sky, and yet it is the same moon. It is a full moon or a sliver of moon only in your perception. The moon is a moon. You do not become overwrought because the moon appears one way or another. You have trust in the moon. Have trust in the love in your heart. It is as big as the moon always, only you don’t see it that way.

Let your love be yours to give. Let the love in your heart be what it is. Love your heart, even when it, seemingly, is not there for you. Rest your head on your heart as you would a pillow.

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