Greater Fields | Heavenletters

God said:

Have a little faith in what I say. Only a little will carry you far. Attend to what you can embrace here. Look not for argument. What can you gain by argument with Me? Do you really think you know more than I?

When you learned algebra, you accepted that there was something you needed to learn. You accepted that you did not know it all. But when it comes to what I tell you of the grandness of creation, you are like the two-year old who says no automatically. He considers himself the arbiter of the world and its Heavens. He makes pronouncements and denouncements. As he duels with his father, you duel with Me.

But I do not duel with you. I play no game. I prove no point. I speak Truth. I cannot hear it for you. You must hear it for yourself. Put your energy somewhere else rather than debate with Me. I am not an adversary, nor are you an adversary to Me, no matter what your fussing and fuming. We are Love. What more is there to it than that?

Never mind trying to understand what I say. Understand Me. Understand My place in your life. Accept My friendship. I do not expound My precepts for anyone but you and for nothing but you. I do not talk to hear Myself talk. I lift you with My words. I am raising you. I am telling you what is in My heart to tell you so that you may find the grace in life.

You do not need lessons in finding the graceless. You are already good at that.

I will stretch you. I will not let you stay the dreary same. You will come out of your nest and awake to the Sun. You will sing a different tune. You have to change your refrains. Now you sing a new song, and I am teaching it to you.

Your intellect is weary. It assails itself. It courses and winds and ties itself up. The intellect is a spider caught in its own web. Rest your intellect a while, and recline in your heart.

Your heart knows not of arguments. Your heart knows of love. That is its natural state.

Because life does not always follow your bidding or arrange itself the way you think, do not use that as an excuse to encumber your heart with judgment. Leave your heart to itself. It is well aware of Me. It is not your heart that criticizes Me. Why would it? Your heart knows Me very well.

You are My generation. You are My seed. You are not meant to be My accuser. It is not your place to defend the downtrodden when it comes to Me.

Ego fans itself with argument. You try to catch My attention with argument. You already have My attention. My attention is called love.

You may think you want the last word with Me, but you don’t. You know you are insufficient without Me — as if you could ever truly be without Me. Yes, you argue with your very underpinnings.

If you seek Truth, let it in. Give it admittance. Start from the premise that what I say is true. Consider this certainty at least a possibility. I offer you Heaven, and you quibble. Why would you do that? Be chagrined. Look up.

Arise to your true stature. You are not smallness. You are greatness. Do not debate such matters with Me. Do We have time for debate? It seems that We have a lot to do for the world. All your arguments are just staying actions, and We move onto greater fields. Put down your sword, and come travel with Me. Haven’t you seen enough of the ways of the world. Come, let Me show you Heaven.