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God said:

Whatever you have been thinking Heaven on Earth will be, it will be even more. You are going to have undreamed of joy. You — I speak to everyone who reads My words — are going to have untold happiness. You cannot imagine all the happiness that will be yours. Your happiness will be like popcorn popping, and there will be no stopping it.

Your happiness will shoot out like the way an expert dealer deals cards fast. Furthermore, all the cards in the deck are aces, beloveds, with a few jacks, queens, and kings thrown in to represent you and the people in your life.

In fact, all fortunes will be good fortunes now. The die is cast.

Heretofore, you have not known how marvelous life is supposed to be. Soon you will be living life as it is meant to be in all its glory. All suffering will be behind you. All the past will be behind you. You will be awed by all that will present itself to you. There will be one awe after another. You will pinch yourself a dozen times a day and find that you are awake.

Life on Earth will become the unfoldment of all Our dreams. Life will be piled high with dreams come true. The world will become one great big resounding Yes! The word “no” will become so faint you will not hear it, and then it will disappear altogether. It will come to pass that the concept of “no” will be gone altogether. “No” was like a spell that had been cast on Earth members, and now the spell has been lifted and can be no more.

No one’s throat will be able to form the word “no.” The closest sound approximation will be “now.”

There will be no stumbling blocks to evolution, no interruptions, no pauses. You will keep on rolling along, and taking all with you. You will go round and round in galaxy-hopping joy. In fact, you will revolve around the sun at break-neck speed. The stars will part before you and return to their original spot the minute you pass. You will stand still, and yet you will be transported anywhere and everywhere.

You will swim to the depths of the ocean, and you will fly to the heights of Heaven. There will no longer be an horizon line, for the merger of Heaven and Earth will be complete. You will easily pass through the eye of the needle. There will be no restrictions. All entrances will be as wide as the Grand Canyon. Everything will be wide open, most especially your eyes will be wide open.

You are learning to see. You are learning to read the Universe in Braille and in every other language. No longer will there be bedlam. All will be understood, for hearts will be known, and the language of love alone will be spoken. Speech will no longer be needed, and yet it will be practiced for the beauty of its sound and its rhythm.

Dance will no longer be known as such, for everyone will be dancing. No one will need lessons. And eyes will dance. Dancing will be like a chain lighted by bright smiles.

It will be a hop, skip and jump to anywhere you like. You will ride the dimensions and dimensionless the way you would ride a whale. You will choose to be any form you want, and you will be recognized, and yet you will be formless. You will be seamless. You will know that your girth surpasses Earth’s circumference, and you will know that Heaven is measureless, and yet Heaven will be measured in immeasurable love. Get your hat on, beloved, for you are ready to immerse yourselves in happiness and finally, once and for all, find out what happiness is.

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