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God said:

I am approachable. I am more than approachable. It isn’t that you have to come to Me, for I have already come to you. We are present. Our hearts are entwined. Our love is One. Search your heart for Me, and you will see that I am implacable within your heart. You may not have noticed because you were looking for Me far away. Of course, I am across the seas too. I am on hill and dale. There is no place where I am not. You have perhaps been looking for Me in someone else’s yard? Looking over their fence? Surmising that they have more of Me than you? Well, beloveds, you can find Me in your own back yard, that is, to say, your heart.

I flow through you. There is not an element of you that is without Me any more than there is an element without Me elsewhere. Feel Me surge in your heart. You can feel Me right now. Feel the energy of God within your beating heart. It is named Love, for that is what I am. That is the extent of Me, and the extent of Me is very vast. That I encompass everything and everyone means that My love is all. I say My love because I wish to personalize it for you. I am not love abstruse, love far afield. I am the love in your heart. There is no need for your heart to flag.

If ever you feel forlorn or bereft, find that place of Me in your heart. I beat the drums of your heart. If you can feel your heartbeat, you can feel Me. Put your hand close to your heart now. Press your hand to Our heart as if you were putting your ear closer to Me so that you could hear.

Of course, you hear Me now with a sense far greater than hearing. You hear the whisper before it is spoken. You hear the message before it is uttered. My message has been flying around the universe ever since I thought of the universe. What do you think upholds the planets? My love alone manifested the universe, My love alone maintains it. What I started, I never stopped. I, Who do nothing but love, am ceaseless. Enter My heart now. It is an express train that never stops. You cannot get off, beloveds.

When I say, “Get on, board this train,” I know you are already riding in it. In case you are not fully aware of that, I say, “Hop in,” so that you will let your intent follow that which is already fulfilled. You might as well know that you inevitably ride the train of My heart.

One car may be called Europe and another South America, yet it makes no difference what car you sit in. Your seating means nothing at all, because all are seated in My heart. The train you are riding is the train to Me, fueled by Me, and I am already with you. You reached your destination long ago. You never left your destination. Only you are the last to know.

Wherever you think you may be, you ride up front with the Engineer Who shows you the sights, lets you tug on the whistle, lets you steer, lets you pretend there are tunnels you go into and out of, lets you pretend the train is moving when all the while it is perfectly still. The stillness of My heart is all encompassing. Where can anyone or anything go when already contained in My heart?

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