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God said:

There is Life, and there is Life.

Life is what you make of it. This is Life on Earth.

What you make of Life says a lot about you.

Remember that you are not to judge. You are not to weigh even your own Life. Let Me take that back and look at this from different angles. I mean, really, who can sum up Life, for Life is ongoing.

One man has no family, no money, not even one red cent. He finds a crust of bread in the street, and he is grateful for the moment he had something to put into his stomach.

Another man has a fortune, a big family, lives in a mansion. He has a chef who cooks him delectable meals, and he is tired of even food. In general, he doesn’t see his Life as hunky-dory.

Life is not equal. Circumstances change. Life may reverse itself. Regardless, where does happiness come from? Without gratitude, Life is less. A Child of Mine has much to do with his happiness-rating.

Appreciation accompanies happiness.

It could be said that the hungry man in the example appreciates, and the wealthy man despairs. Who can figure?

Certainly starving men may generally feel despair while wealthy men appreciate their lives from dawn to dawn, and, yet, vice versa. What makes the difference? Is it upbringing? Habit? Luck of the draw?

No one can skip death of the body. It is possible that a man convicted falsely of murder dies happy. How can this be?

And the man who committed the murder may be jumping for joy, or he may be sullen.

It may well be said that it is up to the individual himself what he makes of Life, yet many individuals are unable to see it that way. Who wouldn’t choose happiness if only he knew how? Nope, it seems to most human Beings that happiness and unhappiness alike are foisted on them, that happiness or unhappiness come with the territory, that they have no choice at all.

Regardless, all people, wherever they may live, live under the Sun by day and the Moon and Stars by night. Light exists, yet not seemingly in every Life. What’s up, doc?

All the favors in the world do not guarantee happiness, nor does a long list of miseries ensure a Life of misery. What is the missing factor?

I tell you to take Life in your stride. You answer that you would love to, yet you just don’t seem to know how. Begin by having the intention. Desire without desiring your State of Desiring as being the end-all and be-all of your Life. Be happy without jumping up and down with Happiness then.

Oh, yes, when you count your blessings instead of woes, you will, of course, be aware of more happiness.

Here is an example of how high even in prison one innocent man can travel. Nelson Mandela, confined for so many years for irrational reasons, nevertheless, led a Life. He uplifted and lead many to Higher Lives.

There is something in the world that can rise above all circumstances. Is it one man’s destiny, or is it the destiny of everyone who defers his destiny? Who in the world can predict where Great Destiny comes from? Do the heroes themselves do it, or can it be simply that the Sun shines on them in this way?

Did everyone rise to great merit on his own, or just somehow, something got started with or without expectation of it?

This much can be known that Everyone participates.

Listen, when Peace and Love fill the conscious world, no one will go hungry. There will be room for all in the Inn.

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