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God said:

It is like you are on a balcony. From your balcony, you see the sky above and the ground below. You survey the area. Night and day you do, and you see changes from light to dark, and dark to light.

You stand on a Balcony of Love, beloveds. How firm and strong this balcony is. Nothing can shake this Balcony you are looking out from. No earthquake can reach you. You may watch electrical storms, yet lightning doesn’t reach you. I am the Strength of the Balcony you stand on. We can say that I am your Reach. In any case, Silence and Delight reach you. On the balcony of love, hearts of the world reach you. You cannot miss them. They are with you now.

There is One Heart, and so all hearts reach. All joy you feel belongs to all. You lean over the grate of this Balcony, and stars shine down on you, so it seems. In Reality, you are the stars shining. You see yourself wherever you look. And even where you don’t look.

When one seeming person suffers, you suffer. When one seeming person is as happy as you can be, you share their happiness known or not. Nothing really passes by you in the Universe. Every storm at sea is yours. Every calm at port is equally yours. How beholden you are, one to another.

From the equanimity of the Balcony of Love on which you inevitably stand, you look out, and you see yourself. You are a many-splendored star. You are complete. You progress, and yet you are complete. What can be missing when you stand on the Balcony of Love?

We can say that you stand on My shoulders. We can say that I hold you in the palm of My hand. We can say We are of One Heart. We can say We are of One Mind.

Who looks out from this Balcony? And who watches you, and what do they see? And what do you see when you see nothing? And who is the one who sees anyway? And what is there to be seen? And what is there to be known?

There is only love to be seen. Love evens out the whole world. There is no particle that is not another. There is no finger that writes that is not yours. There is no word read that is not yours.

Anything that does not shine as love is a diversion. You have been diverted all your life as you experience life on Earth. It has all been a diversion from the Truth of Yourself.

You stand on the Balcony of Love. All the while, you don’t know where you stand. Not knowing, you feel shaky. Your stomach rumbles. A leaf falls. A story is made up. Endless stories are made up and theorized about. Everyone talks a good game. And the grass grows, and golf is played.

Who knows which end is up when you do not yet quite know Wholeness? Yet everything is done, and everything is known. There is nothing to do anyway but to circulate in this Vast Dream where you forget where you are. You forget Who you are. You remember grocery lists and forget where you stand. You forget there is nowhere else to stand but on the Balcony of Love.

The Balcony is not crowded, and yet you do not stand alone. You are like a ball of yarn weaving and unweaving, and so is everyone else. What entanglement can there be when you are with Me?

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