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God said:

Never mind today all the concerns that beset you. They are just concerns. And concerns are habits of thought. Have not your habits of thought kept you down?

You really need a new picture of yourself. You have been modeling yourself according to an old photo that never was an accurate representation of you anyway. You need a much larger picture. This new picture of you needs to fill a whole wall, perhaps the whole house, perhaps the whole universe. Who said you had to carry a small photo of yourself, one kept in your wallet, smudge and wrinkled, one that does not catch a glimmer of your true Identity.

Get a new picture of you taken. I will take it. I take your picture now. I take it with My eyes, and My heart develops it. I put your picture everywhere. It is a magnificent picture I take. Now I hang it on a mountain top, on a point of a star. I clip it onto a ray of the sun, dip it in the ocean, refract it on the cusp of the moon, plant it in trees. I make your picture the essence of flowers swept up by the wind and taken everywhere to stir the hearts of all who know what man is made of.

I ask you to see yourself as you are. I made you. Don’t you think that I know what I made? I do not try to sell you anything. I do try to tell you, however.

You are a monumental being made from God. What else could you be but that? Why do you look so askance at yourself when your eyes are moons and the tresses of your hair are the mosses of the forest?

Today, everything that you see that is beautiful, affix that to the picture you have of yourself. Make a collage of everything wonderful, and know that is what you look like, and now in your own mind, that is what you will see. Why carry an old picture? Take a chance on a new one. Here I give it to you. Once you accept this true picture of you, life becomes a lake you swim in. Trees bend to you. The air lifts. The sun warms. The moon cools.

Lift your legs high. There are no barriers to you. Only old crusts in your mind trip you. Toss them away.

The body is a mere coat you wear. It was given to you. Did you think you were a coat? You are a viable Human Being who carries a coat, but the coat is not you. It is not even a semblance of you. It is only a coat.

But within the coat is an incredible Being of Light. You cannot be less than that. There is nothing else to be. You are the light of My light, and so I made you, and so you are.

Today you are to nurture yourself. Take out this new picture of you frequently. Do you see its aura, all the shimmering light erasing all lines until you are clearly and iridescently all light, light alone, your own light, Mine cast on you, wave upon wave of light, incredible light, shining light, dazzling light, this light of your consciousness.

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