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God said:

There are many different kinds of abilities. There are many kinds of genius. I am telling you right now that there is an area in your life in which you are a genius, a unique genius. You don’t have to know what it is, beloveds. You don’t have to identify it, because you are it. You live it. You don’t have to think about it, even know it. You can take My word for it. You are a unique blessing of Mine delivered to the Planet Earth.

You may be a unique blessing of listening. Listen to the murmur of the Universe. What is it saying? It is saying you have a unique gift to give.

Just as every smile in the Universe is unique, so are you unique. You are a special diamond from a mine of diamonds. You are a special star from millions of galaxies of stars. You are a spectacular star. No one could invent you. You were created from My breath.

You already know that no two fingerprints are alike. Why are you surprised at your uniqueness? Why are you surprised that you have unique talents including genius? The varieties of genius are unlimited, as unlimited as you.

No one could have imagined you. No one. I dreamed you into existence, and here you are, walking and talking on Earth this way and that. You keep looking for something, unaware that it is yourself. You have already been found, beloveds. You are the very Universe that you live in. It is all contained within you.

All the sublime out in the world is within you. All the ridiculousness too. You are all the beautiful email you receive, and you are also the spam. You are an alphabet soup! There is all that variety in the world, and you are that variety as well.

The next thing you are going to do is to smile. Even if you are in a closet by yourself, smile just the same. Every time you smile, you brighten the world. Will you smile for Me, if you please?

Every time you do a kindness, you brighten the world. Will you do a kindness for Me?

Every time you sing, you brighten the world. Will you sing for Me?

Now, every time you speak, brighten the bewildered world that so craves your brightness. Will you speak for Me?

There are many occasions for you to brighten the world. I know you would like to brighten the world, and I know you would like it to be brightened for you. Let’s brighten it together.

Smile and say words worth saying. Say words worth being heard. I will help you.

Every single person on Earth has a unique ability to love, and yet all share the commonality. When you leave attachment behind, love shines. When you let go of the hoarded past, love shines. When you remember love, and you remember to give it, love shines. You have the power to light up the whole world.

I wonder what would prevent you from fulfilling just that. With the power of love you have, stronger than lightning, stronger than Superman, stronger than the mighty atom, stronger than any star, you can light up the world and the faces of all those around you.

Where will you start? You only have to start somewhere, anywhere. Where will you begin?

When will you begin? Why, you will begin now right where you are. Even smile at yourself. Get up from dalliance, and brighten up this world that longs for your light.

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