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God said:

I am the simplest of all that exists. You may have thought that I was complex. No, beloveds, I am simple. Creating is a burst of light. I don’t do much, you understand. In one sense, I do nothing at all. I just am, and light keeps shining.

I don’t try. I will, and My Will is done. I desire, and My desire is fulfilled. You can say that I have an easy life.

I desired grape vines, and lo and behold, there were grapevines. The vines flowered and grew grapes. I didn’t desire grapes for Myself. I don’t eat grapes. I desired grapes for you who are, as it happens, Myself.

You may wonder how I can have desired grapes for what is called you when you were not yet born. Beloveds, have you forgotten that you were conceived before you were born to Earth? We have the same birth date, if you will. Of course, I have no birth date. I am always. You are always. The concept of time had not yet made itself known.

You might ask Me what is the secret of My success. We could say that I ask the right questions, and I get the right answers.

You may find life on Earth, well, convenient or inconvenient. You use an inaccurate measuring stick, or you would desire and receive easily too. You have had some success with this. You do know what it is to have a desire and have it fulfilled so nicely, so smoothly.

If all is so easy for Me, why can’t it be that easy for you, too?

There are some answers to this:

You are accustomed to seeing trouble, and so you foresee trouble. You are on the lookout for it. You embrace it. Some people hop, skip, and jump for the joy of trouble, as if pouncing on trouble is a splendid feat.

You can’t really get a handle on the idea that you can create a scenario where your good wishes are all fulfilled. In other words, you may not accept even 5% of what is within your reach.

You may desire that which may not be good for you for the long haul.

You may use force and loudness rather than love and silence. Your dreams cannot be whipped to come true. You cannot rant and rave. You may say that I demand or command, but it’s not like that. Easy does it.

You may think that you and I play a game of cat and mouse, and so your thoughts go to warding off danger or toward feeling victorious, perhaps feeling you are running ahead of Me and so are victorious.

Beloveds, please take no offense. Your ego may be as thick as tar. Ego may rule your life. Learn gratitude instead.

In one sense, you can say that I have patience, yet I have no need for patience. I exist where time does not. You might say that I am patient with you, that I wait and wait until you lift your eyes to Mine. In My land, there is no when. I know that you are coming to Me. I know your destination. I know that you will come to Me. I am ready for you now. Of course, I know you are with Me now, only you may be thinking you are waiting for Me.

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